Sunday was suppose to be all about being in the saddle.

I had a planned club run with the lovely CTC folk. Sandwiches had been prepared, air was in my tyres and my legs felt strong.

I made my way over towards Leisure World in Sunny Colch for the 9am roll out and started to sneeze.

I haven’t stopped tbh.

Sneezing attacks hit me quite frequently. They will last for twelve hours or so, and then depart with the same speed that they appeared.

They are a right bloody pain if you are planning a 100km+ bicycle ride.

I persisted for the morning session. We reached East Bergholt for the first tea stop. The drizzle also kicked in.

I made my excuses and cycled back to base 🙁

It was still a half decent ride of 58km in total. I now need to hibernate for 24 hours to recover from the sneezing fit.

The recovery started with a long hot soak listening to the new Dave Rawlings album. The Radox in the bath sent me into a catatonic slumber.


I was soon awoken in a tub of luke warm water.

The Everton vs Burnley match was equally unsatisfying. I showed a little more interest in Newcastle Vs Liverpool.

It always amuses that Sky still persists in screening this fixture each year in the expectation that another 4:3 thriller will follow.

Anna disappeared to her silly golf.

I headed down to the garden shed to pack up the Essex worms ahead of their climatisation to S Ldn in the morning.

I edited the photos from yesterday – some Sunny Colch snaps, and then the walk out to Brightlingsea.

Disco Darryl and I recorded the third Town Hall Tapes podcast. I’m pleased that I have got the workflow down to the absolute basics with a half hour max turnaround.

You just create and then… move on.

Which for Sunday evening meant installing iOS11.

All I want to do is to check the weather tbh.

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