Buying John Otway tickets before 6am wasn’t what I had in mind to start off Tuesday morning.

The cats were restless on the bed, biting at my toes. Anna had to be up early anywhere to bugger off back to S Ldn.

I had a blind panic that tickets for Otway at Colchester Arts Centre might sell out at 6am.

And so I snaffled up a couple.

GEDDIN, etc.

More school policies then dropped.

Actually, they dropped at midnight the night before.

The lovely Head and I are chalk and cheese on the workflow. The lovely Head is a late person for policies. I publish them before the morning Bran Flakes.

My first work shift of the day started at 7am.

It was brisk.

I earned some money and so bought an England cricket top form the 1992 World Cup.


Random purchases are the way to go, Jase.

I’ve had my eye on one for some months. They appear to be the cool kid retro look down at The Oval this summer.

Mr eBay delivered one at a decent price.

I’ve still got the eBay search going for the 1991 [?] ultra rare Forest third away green strip. I think that I am correct in saying that it was never actually worn during a match play situation.

Anna disappeared back to Sunny Stockwell; Doris Day and Softly as I Leave You on Serenade Radio seemed appropriate.

In Other Dotty News:

She brought in another bloody bird.


I didn’t have time to arse around and remove the dead bird from Dotty’s jaw. Daisy was also starting to show a hunter instinct.

I locked them in the utility room and let them enjoy their moment as I pressed on with the work.

Fifteen minutes later and I opened the utility room door to find a floor of feathers and a bird that was still barely alive 🙁

I placed the poor thing in a safe spot and wished it well.

Hosting renewal for the Chronic dropped mid-morning.

I renewed, natch.

I have a few plans for the What Next for the Chronic coming up. As ever, it’s all about time and what is realistic to achieve.

The mid-morning swim was bloody ACE.

West Ham Wanker tried to tell me another tall story about his male modelling days.

I made a polite excuse and put in 40 power lengths in a lane on my own.

The cycle back to base was a little messy. I needed to blow my nose whilst riding along the Trail.

I waited until the no one was around, and then emptied my nostrils in the style of a Premier League footballer.

The Estuary Wilds wind wasn’t kind to me, or my cycling top.


More work, more modern interweb admin.

giffgaff changed my plan to now offer 3 Gigs of data. It sounds like an improvement, but the data is catching up with the increased size of the content.

I caught the afternoon session of Surrey up at Old Trafford. I’m going to miss the domestic season when it comes to a close on Thursday.

School content from SW9 was finally published later in the day.

And then I settled down to watch Cardiff Vs DIRTY Leeds.

Anna was in touch about the decorators back in the flat. It looks like we will finally be finished with the complete refurbishment by this time next week.


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