The 7am Saturday morning work shift to kick start the weekend.

I was as fresh as one can be after a messy night out with Sleaford Mods in Brixton.

Work was short and to the point.

I had Brockwell Park Run to complete.

I cycled through Brixton along Atlantic Road. I passed a bloke wearing a pink ‘n’ blue Dulwich hat – at 8:30am.

That’s something that you wouldn’t have seen fifteen, ten – even five years ago.

Park Run was decent. I paced myself; I paced myself well.

The official race time was 21’35”.

I still hold out that the 21’09” Brockwell PB was a freak of nature – or a fault in the Park Run stopwatch.

I had a decent conversation with one of the very likeable Lambeth Cllr’s at the finish. He was heading back to *over there* to watch his Wycombe play Col U.

The poor sod.

Lido wedding days, innit #lidolove

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The lovely lido was looking grand. It was the first of two weekends of weddings down by the waters of Lake Brockwell.

I didn’t stick around to toast the happy couple, but put in a dozen power lengths instead.

And then it became something of a Wifey Transpontine Weekend – a real rarity.

Anna joined me back in the flat for some S Ldn fun.

I treated her to a LIDL bruncheon.

Lidl love #LIDL

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The lucky lady.

We were both keen to explore once again the Nu Vauxhall. Anna passes this on the train each morning. She was curious to see if it is as crap on the ground as it looks from the carriage.

FUGLY #Vauxhall

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We walk around this patch every six months or so, jaws dropping at the speed of change in our part of town.

FUGLY #Vauxhall

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The regeneration zone is still very much a building site. Dirt and dust was a feature that slowed us down.

FUGLY #Vauxhall

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The Nu Vauxhall isn’t for us; we’re not sure who it is for.

There was a little more life around the place than last time. Plus the appearance of some very posh cars.


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Battersea Power Station itself was depressing. It looks like there is still a great deal of construction to complete – both for the interior and exterior.

I will give the developers some credit for keeping to the promise of replacing the four chimneys, still visible from our flat.

We refuelled back in the flat, and then walked through the conservation area and back out on to Brixton Road.

We had a little business at the brilliant Brixton Cycles. This was the first time that I have seen my name on the Wall of Fame for the crowd funder.

Another bloke wearing a pink ‘n’ blue bobble hat passed us.

And then a fella wearing a DHFC replica.

We boarded the 185 Dulwich Party Bus at the Oval and headed over to Transpontine del Curva. Anna was amazed at the level of support from this side of town.

#dhfc, innit

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Disco Darryl, Clog and OneEyeGrey were in the ground. It was a very decent Dulwich performance with a 4-0 spanking of Leatherhead, watched by over 1,700 people.

Down the Dulwich, innit #fhfc

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I did a brief walk around the ground with a Brixton Buzz hit and miss photo shoot.

And that was the Wifey Transpontine Weekend.

Anna buggered off back to the Estuary Wilds. I got the better end of the deal for once.

Another Lidl evening feast, and then out went the shout of:

“To The Globe!”


I bloody LOVED Boudica a couple of weeks ago. I returned for a second performance of the brutal Roman masterpiece.

Back @The_Globe for #Boudica. Bloodly LOVED it last time. Can't keep away. Brutal.

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*oh the irony of me watching a play set in Sunny Colch whilst… deep in S Ldn*

Oh we do LOVE it @the_globe

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There was the usual Jacobean jig at the end. I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell ahead of a very, very early start in the morning.

I need to be in Old Billingsgate by 5am.

Oh Lordy.

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