A crazy 7am work shift.

Which kinda set the tone for the rest of Monday.

I didn’t leave the house once, apart from to chase away the BEAST of a bully with a poncey bell around his neck.

The stop / start work gave me odd half hours here and there for other activities.

I surveyed the back garden and agreed that it needed a bloody good tidying up.

The Estuary Wilds weather forecast didn’t agree with me. I hesitated; the rain never came and the garden is still a little on the wild side.

My day of domesticity meant that Monday had plenty of cat time.

Daisy and Dotty followed me around the house as I changed my working location: the kitchen, the upstairs office, the Desk from the Raj / Colchester.

I down work tools whenever I am in the smallest room in the house, btw. Daisy and Dotty still follow me.

Novara Media was interesting listening. I try to follow some of the ideological arguments, but then… get a little lost.


No such worries with Matchtalk on BBC Radio Nottingham.

These are heady days to be a Forest fan.

I think?

I considered a midweek trip to Stamford Bridge for all of… oooh, half a minute.

The Brockwell Lido Users tweets thing was an annoyance. I’m locked into a conversation that I’m not part of.

My phone blinked and flashed every five minutes or so.

I muted the phone and pondered why anyone – especially BLU – would think that the lovely lido needs heating.

Hey hoe.

A late, late not so manic work shift finished off a frustrating Monday.

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