A manic 7am work shift to start Thursday morning.


I’m not sure what happened there.

#LateJunction and some Public Enemy with the Bran Flakes just about saw me through to the other side.

This was a chilled Estuary Wilds morning. Hot blooded Jase resorted to the working body warmer for the remainder of the morning.

@RobertElms added Buffalo Stance to the Ldn Playlist.

TWENTY EIGHT years ago?


Y’know wot I mean, etc.


A thoughtful Madam Dotty

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Dotty went AWOL in the garden for far too long. It was over four hours of her wild roaming before she returned.

The BEAST of a bully with a poncey bell around his neck appeared. I suspect that these two events were related.

@DeserterBlog’s latest podcast put a smile on my face over luncheon. It inspired me to put in a little preparation for a project that Disco Darryl and I are talking over once again.

The Postman Delivers: a magnetic window cleaner.

The Postman Delivers: a magnetic window cleaner. Because this is really going to work, isn't it? #Pray4Jase

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And some window cleaning fluid.

The Postman Delivers: window cleaning fluid #OddJase

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Quite a lot of window cleaning fluid tbh.

It was a bulk buy on Amazon Prime, innit.

I was sceptical that the magnetic thingy would actually work. The online reviews were rubbish.

But we need a solution for the second floor flat back in Sunny Stockwell.

I road tested the cleaner back in bloody Essex. To my surprise it actually worked.

The trick is to douse the window with as much cleaning fluid as possible to avoid friction.

You can see why I stock piled up on the fluid.

I caught the close of play at Edgbaston to see Essex just about win the Championship.

We’ve always had a hate / hate relationship with the County Championship winners elect in our house.

Every time they play Surrey they seem to bloody win.

But respect to the Essex slappers this season.

A fantastic achievement for such a small club…


Anna rolled up late afternoon on the latest stop of her UK autumn tour.

We had a ROCK ‘N’ ROLL wander to one end of the village and then back again.

She then buggered off back to S Ldn.

I streamed the Arsenal match in the evening. I sat through the first half whilst arseing about online.

Forty five minutes later and I only realised that I hadn’t been watching Arsenal due to the delayed kick off.



Bloody hell, etc.


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