The Work Scheduling Gods conspired for me to miss the midweek swim.

Hey hoe – pay to play, and all that.

And so an early morning run instead.

Strava tells me that this was the 67th time that I have trotted around the Estuary Wilds Waddle route; it also tells me that today was the second best time.

Some young kid took me on along the return leg of the cycle path. I could hear him breathing heavy from behind – never a good sign.

I kept my pace and didn’t play along with the silly games of the young pup.

He overtook me towards the end of the track and then sprinted on ahead.


I caught him up less than a minute later as he was coughing his guts out.

Slow and steady, etc.

I showered, and then looked resplendent in my morning wear of the remote worker indoor trackie.

@RobertElms was looking in detail at Open House Ldn. He asked listeners for their Top 5 Ldn buildings.


Where to start?

I haven’t been inside – or indeed anywhere near – to some of the more lavish locations mentioned.

It’s all about your own surroundings and the way that you live your life, right?

I’m not ashamed to state that my absolute FAVE five Ldn buildings are:

Brockwell Lido

Herne Hill Velodrome

The Oval Pavilion

Stockwell Deep Level Shelter

My flat.


So there.

I’m still using four of these five locations, two decades on. The other is inaccessible, but I still pass it most days.

Stop / start / stop work.

We’re working a lot more with video content on social at the moment. I’m a little surprised about how successful it has been with users.

I finally managed to publish all the content from SE21 gathered at the start of the week. FOURTEEN class updates.


Surrey ball-by-ball kept me company in the afternoon, with the Essex slappers on Sky and the sound turned down.

Planning meeting, innit

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I kept my Essex hat on with a little expedition planning for the autumn months ahead.

FLAPJACK WARS broke out late afternoon.

Anna does a half decent job.

I was convinced that I could do better.


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We’ve been baking off different recipes. Mine final offering had the taste, if not the consistency.

Having hesitated with a renewal of the Sky broadband back in Sunny Stockwell, I reluctantly signed up for another year.

It just works.

I need this back in the flat with endless school video and audio to upload.

I downloaded Dave Rawlings’ Poor David’s Almanack album late in the afternoon.

I haven’t heard anything off the album, but yer man Dave and his girl Gillian can do no wrong.

The Jon C Butler album also got another spin.

Gawd bless the old hippie bugger.

NEVER trust a hippie, etc.

I bashed out a Buzz piece.

It seems that Brixton gentrification has now moved on from social cleansing to artistic cleansing.


The Estuary Wilds sunset was calling me from the office.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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It looked SPECTACULAR, and so I legged it down to the Quay with my iPhone.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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The #lolspurs match was my evening entertainment, along with some FaceTime with Anna.

Oh yeah – Happy Birthday, Dad.

Have a good one, etc.


The amazing Madam Dotty

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