Transpontine cloud busting to start the week.

Or to put it simply: do I risk it on the Brompton and try not to get a wet arse?

Mr BBC Weather Fella gave me a 40% chance of failure.

Never quote me the odds, etc.

But I played it safe and bused it to the lovely lido instead.

All aboard the lovely lido bus

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The No.3 rocked up in Herne Hill and the South London heavens opened.

Jase 1, Life in the Fast Lane 0.

SUCK IT UP, dude.

Swimming in the rain is glorious. I haven’t done this for some time, mainly because I’m a Brompton ponce that doesn’t want my bits to go rusty.

Blustery Brockwell mornings are the BEST

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I only had time for ten lengths before disappearing up the road for a full on school day in SE21.

ALL schools days in SE21 are always full on – which is the way that I like it.

I passed a couple of likely looking fellas lurking around Croxted Road. They were assembling a bouquet of flowers from ‘sources’ that they probably shouldn’t be using.

Cheeky, fellas.

I hope that she was worth it.

I arrived a little nervously through the school gates and wondered what might greet me.

This was my first visit since the summer break. As ever, the nerves soon disappeared as soon as I started running my arse off around the various classrooms.

SE21 is a BIG school. I’ve lost count of the exact number of classes. It’s around 15 or so, and I’m expected to visit every one by the end of the day.

Highlights included garlic planting with the Reception kids, a singing assembly and the outdoor gym with the sixth formers.

I emerged at 3:30pm with 1,999 words, 300+ photos and three videos.

Now publish that.


But first I had to get back over to the bloody Estuary Wilds for some cat sitting.


Actually – DOUBLE ARSE.

I allowed the enthusiasm from the school day to make up mind over the mode of transport.

Mr BBC Weather Fella was still banging on about a 40% chance of it pissing it down.

BALLS to that.

I bused it back to Sunny Stockwell, picked up the Brompton and rolled out towards LS.

I reached Elephant and then took a drenching.

Oh dear.

My poor, poor Brompton.

An hour later and I was back in the Estuary Wilds.

I had some catching up to do with Daisy and Dotty.

Oh, and Anna.

I had a half-arsed interest in the West Ham Vs Huddersfield match.


Bloody hell, etc.

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