Sober, but bloated on crappy food from the night before ahead of Brockwell Park Run on Saturday morning.

It’s not a good look, Comrades.

There was some bicycle ride rolling out from right outside the lido at 9am. It all got a little congested with the bicycle parking.

I managed a brief HELLOOO with Madam Pacemaker and her newborn in the running buggy. The baby Madam Pacemaker slept through the whole experience.

I ran solo – which is always a little lethargic as I need an incentive to get me round in a good time.

The cowbell waving steward at the Tulse Hill gates awoke me from my slumber for the return leg of the course.

I found some rhythm, and pushed on at a fair pace for the final km or so.

An official race time of 21’45” was half decent.

Third in my vets age cat as well.

I could have been pushing PB territory if it wasn’t for that extra slice of pizza twelve hours earlier.

This is why we swim #lidolove

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I wasted no time and purified myself in the waters of Lake Brockwell.

The lovely lido wasn’t too busy for a late summer Saturday morning. Slowly, slowly the seasonal swimmers are starting to shift back indoors.

They are welcome to bloody Brixton Rec, tbh.

I managed twenty lengths, in-between being pushed aside by a particularly aggressive Rubber Boy.

Brixton Rec is THAT-A-WAY, fella —->>>>

Strange objects one brings to the lido #1

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I had a little time to spare. Some poolside stretching and even a little soaking up of the S Ldn micro-climate down at the lido.

I was signing on at Here Hill Velo shortly before midday for the Track Skills sessions.

Saturday morning track training at #hernehill. Chapeau!

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This was my first return to the track after the re-induction back in August. The pace was pretty panting. It was definitely a different level of racing.

I was only dropped once. I coasted at the top of the banking for a lap, and then weaved back into the pack.

Just over 27km at an average of 30.8kmh was clocked up in under an hour.


I cycled back down to the lido for some recuperation.

Cheeky double dipping #lidolove

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No surprises that I fell asleep.

I had a few errands to run around town in Brixton. I ponced it briefly by the Bowie mural.

Always rude not to say HEY DAVE whenever passing #Bowie #Brixton

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Mike Urban is doing a fine job of documenting for Buzz each month some of the BONKERS items that are left.

Saturday morning saw a plaster cast being left at the back of Morleys for Dave.

Absolutely NO IDEA.

Lidl hair care with baldie Jase #LIDL

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A Lidl run back in Sunny Stockwell was rewarding. TEN combs for £1 and a couple of croissants.

These were pressed into my Moulton rear saddle bag. I was impressed that they managed to keep their form.

Oh Lidl #LIDL

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Late Saturday afternoon was spent pinging ideas back and forth with Anna over art deco desks.

THAT’S the way we roll, folks.

I also started to wade through the school content from Thursday and Friday.

And then early evening, out went the shout of:

“To The Globe”

Bloody Hurrah!

Here we are. Back on Bankside. Goodo

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Boudica was playing out at the Wooden O.

Blimey – it was BRUTAL.

The play was pacy, yet still heavy in detail and plot.

Plus it had a F-you punk rock attitude. I even sang along at the end to I Fought the Law.

Love, innit #LOVE

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I cycled back down to SW8 on the Moulton Mini, still buzzing at what I had witnessed.

A return visit may be needed before the season is out.

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