The first day back at school.

I was all prepared for this.

My bag was packed the night before, I was in bed by 10am and full of energy and ideas for the new term ahead.

And then I cut myslef shaving.



I was on a tight turn around with ten minutes before I had to leg it for the train.

Oh dear

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Some cotton wool was bodged on to the side of my face. I looked an absolute FOOL with the other commuters tbh.

The plan was to allow the train to take the strain and soak up the mess by the time I reached LS.

I gave it as long as possible.

I crossed on the newly resurfaced Ldn Bridge – something of a dream to now ride on a Brompton.

I approached SE17 and the Walworth Road.

The moment of shaving mishap truth came on some S Ldn back street.

I removed the cotton wool and waited.

And waited.

My phone confirmed that the red sea of blood had run dry.

For now.

I made a few jokes about the incident with some long term friends at the school. They assured me that they would point out if the bleeding started again.

Trust me – the kids would have been a lot quicker on RED ALERT.

It was a decent day in SE17. I had the usual requests to snap classes of 30+ kids that always come around this time of the year.

The Staff Noticeboard was also in need of updating.

*some* teachers can be very protective over their image rights.

I recorded a short piece of audio with the new Year 6 students. This was the first time using the Anchor app rather than bloody audioboo.

The content was fine. The process was a little long. Unlike audioboo you can’t save as a draft. This is important as I often record one clip of audio in a school, and then need to start a new recording straight away.

Tagging will KILL the modern interweb.

I showed the management team the brief promo video for the school that I’ve been putting together over the summer months.

A work in progress…

I managed to escape at a reasonable hour.

Out went the shout of:

“To the Lido!”


I have been AWOl down at Lake Brockwell for three weeks. This will all change over the coming weeks.

Double dipping, innit #lidolove

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The water has dropped down to below twenty degrees. We have another five to go before I start to think abour the ritual of rubber hats.

I cycled back through Brixton and on to the flat.

In Wormery News: we finally have a bloody wormery in Sunny Stockwell. Organising delivery companies in S Lnd can be a little testing.

A brief LIDL run, and then the rest of Thursday was spent editing and publishing school content.

Let’s do it all again tomorrow.

But not the shaving mishap.


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