Another blurry eyed 7am work shift start.

Three mugs of tea later and I was BUZZING my tits off.

More school hosting renewal packages dropped.

Yep – that time of year…

The Caught by the River essay on the JAMS put a smile on my face.

I spent more time than should have been necessary setting up my new smart watch.

I only want it to record bicycle rides and runs, and then auto-sync with Strava. I was alarmed to see that it has the option to sync notifications from my iPhone.

No thank you.

Limiting notifications rather linking them should be the main tech consideration in any new product.

The default setting for entering your age displayed 1980 as a year of birth.

Oh dear.

I swiped down a decade or so lower and felt very old.

I made myself another mug of tea.

The Work Scheduling Goddess gave me a mid-morning break. This seemed like the ideal opportunity to road test the watch out along the Estuary Wilds.

It was a little fiddly at first to be honest.

We’ve come a long way from logging the start time on the kitchen clock in my family home, and then checking it again upon my return.

I remain convinced that my parents use to fast forward the clock whilst I was pounding the mean streets of South Nottinghamshire.

The watched very kindly beeped at me every km.

That’s going to go down well at Park Run…

I managed to forget about all the tech for the final third of the 9km circuit.

This was a true pure run. I found my rhythm with a slight tailwind behind me. The balance along the flat Estuary lanes led to a magical feeling.


3km to go.

Oh do f-off.

I was disappointed with the non-syncing of the watch to my iPhone, and then further down the tech chain to my Strava account.


Hey hoe – more work was calling.

I gave the watch another road test after luncheon with a trip to buy some milk.

It’s a training schedule that I’m sure elite athletes will recognise.

This time it all worked. I stopped the activity on the watch, synced it over Bluetooth, and then a notification dropped that the route had been added to Strava.

More work, more modern interweb faffs.

The current broadband deal back in the flat is about to expire. Penny-pinching Jase pushed his luck a little too far in the haggling department.

We reached stale mate. The conversation went to dead air as I waited for the price to drop further.

It didn’t.

I fear I have burnt my own modern interweb bridges.

Afternoon tea was taken out in the garden – possibly for the final time this summer.

It was brief, but brilliant to be sitting in the early September rays with Daisy and Dotty doing their garden sniffing thing around me.

I finally got round to start work on editing the school promo video early evening.

I recorded most of the content on the final day of the summer term. I always was one to hand in my homework on the absolute deadline.

And so it’s back to Sunny Stockwell early in the morning, and back into the full on S Ldn schools routine.

Heads down…

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