The changing of the summer quilt to the autumn outfit first thing on Tuesday morning.

Betcha that Indian Summer begins tomorrow.

The rest of Tuesday was fiddly and frustrating.

The workload was light.

I had various South Lambeth Road tasks to complete elsewhere.

Haggling with handy men who aren’t very handy has never been one of my strong points. But I managed to get over £75 off a final bill for the bodge job picture hanging.

It was proving to be a little problematic coordinating the delivery of a wormery to Sunny Stockwell whilst stuck out in the Estuary Wilds.

I left Anna to pick up the pieces when she returned home from work.

Surrey’s ball-by-ball from the Rose Bowl was scheduled as the working soundtrack for the day.

Except only a few overs were possible before play was abandoned.

That summed up Tuesday, Comrades.

I made a decent run with the photo unarchiving late in the day. I’ve surprised myself about the discipline of the weekly Way We See It photo shoots around town.

The ‘up and coming new band’ that I snapped around Waterloo in 2008 wasn’t quite so thrilling when viewed almost a decade later.

I had to google them to make sure that they weren’t now filling stadiums around the world.

They split up about a year after the Waterloo session.

I wasted more time than necessary reading reviews for magnetic window cleaners. This is something that wasn’t on my mind when I had ambitions to enter the world of ROCK photography.

The top floor sash windows at South Lambeth Road are a bugger to clean. Magnetic cleaners have mixed reviews.


A Love Supreme kept my interest going through the late afternoon work shifts.

Anchor emailed to say that the two podcasts for the S Ldn SEN schools had been accepted into the iTunes Store.


I didn’t get to leave the house all day. Mr Amazon Prime promised the delivery of a smart running watch.

Mr Amazon Prime didn’t deliver until 6pm.

Cheers, Mr Amazon Prime.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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I had a little daylight left and so legged it outside for a hit and miss photo shoot along the Estuary.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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An evening of cycling viewing followed: la Vuelta, and then the Tour of GB.

The Back to School feeling is creeping up on me fast.

I was in bed by 9am.

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