Evernote syncing issues overnight.


I’m increasingly using Evernote to organise my work and play. I’m on the freemium model, and so I guess you get what you don’t pay for.

I was hopeful that the allocated two devices would be robust.

I updated the MacBook Air version late on Sunday evening. It seemed to wipe out about a third of my 1,000+ notes.

Oh dear.

I’ve got back ups, but not for the past week.

The web client content was untouched. But there is no way to download or reinstall content via desktop.

And so my first task on Monday morning was seeing if the content had shifted on my iPhone.

It was all there.

I synced the iPhone app, and then booted up Evernote on the MacBook.


As you were.

Time for my Bran Flakes.

School policies started to drop for publishing early morning.

And so it begins…

The 7am work shift was deadly quiet. We’ve started a new process this week where we are working more directly with the client.

It would have been nice to have some content to try this out with.

Julie London kept me company with Love for Sale, via Serenade Radio.

All Monday mornings should start this way.

The calmness came crashing down with some #WeirdWiv Forum wobbliness.

A quick email to the wonderful 4UHosting and we were back in business.

I had a mid-morning gym trip. The PA playlist has been updated to include House of Fun.

It’s hard to keep a straight face when bench pressing and thinking of *that* video.

I had a clear run in the pool, apart form the reappearance of Boy Racer. It was the same routine of taking me on, taking two lengths out, and then trying his luck again.

I hope he gets more out of it that I do.

The cycle journey back along the Trail led to a sighting of the local seal.


It was a floating rubber tyre.

The solitary bell from the local church punctuated the start of the afternoon shifts.

For whom the bell tolls, etc.

I’ve no idea, but it is always an eerie sound to hear.

I had an urge to play The Clash’s Stay Free late afternoon. But I couldn’t remember which bloody album it was on.

I pitched in with Sandinista.


Ahh – must be on London Calling then.

I was surprised to see it appearing as early as Give ‘Em Enough Rope – the second album.

It’s all about the tunes, anyway, right?

The England football held a minor, minor, minor interest for me.

I didn’t even know who they were playing until KO.

Back in the day and this type of game would have defined my week.

I lasted the first half hour, and then made the strategic switch for the Tour of Britain.


I arsed around a little more with Anchor. New accounts were set up for all three S Ldn schools.

It looks smooth.

Time to put it to the test later in the week…

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