That was a day.

It started with the 8am work shift and ended with some t20 BOOZE business.

My kinda day, Comrades.

It was an odd working start to the day. I had to be around until 8:30am on work shift duties.

I also had to be in Sunny Colch, ideally on the 8:32am train.

‘aint gonna happen.

I wanted to take my PUNCTURED MTB in on the train to get it repaired.

And so instead we had a Wifey His ‘n’ Hers swap.

Steady the buffers, etc.

Anna buggered off on the train with my MTB; I cycled in along the Trail on her hybrid, just after 8:30am.

Mud Man, innit

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Which made me a little late for Castle Park Run.

Hey Colchester Borough Council: the clock on your clock tower is ten minutes out.

Cheers, fellas.

Colchester Park Run, innit

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I was last to start Park Run – two minutes after the official race clock had started.

I was boxed in as I tried to make my way through the pack.

I passed Anna around the halfway mark. Grunts were exchanged.

It was decent to see a couple of lost souls from the wedding the night before at Castle Park.

This is the town that never sleeps, Comrades.

Um, Yeah.

I finished with an official race time of [oh dear…] and a more realistic Strava clocking of just over 22 minutes.

The MTB was dropped off to be patched up. I was talked into having a couple of new tyres as well.


SEXY new tyres, innit

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Anna and I did a few things around town whilst waiting for the MTB to be fixed up.

We haven’t been to firstsite for ages.Tthe Ed Gold photo exhibition was half decent.

firstshite, innit

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Lubaina Himid was… interesting.

We wandered next door into The Minories for a shifty around the Bazaar.

BAZAAR! #SunnyColch

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A little more art followed, but we were art-ed out, tbh.

Can you tell what it is yet?

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And then something VERY odd: Invasion Colchester.

Invasion #Colchester, innit

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Oh Lordy.

Invasion #Colchester, innit

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The town had been taken over by folk in super hero costumes as part of a charity drive. The Stormtroopers were bloody scary up close and personal.

I collected the MTB, and then had a decent chat with Mr Bike Mechanic about building me a track bike for back at Herne Hill.

I’ll say it quietly: *shhh* I rather enjoyed Sunny Colch this morning.

We cycled on to the Hythe Salvage Yard. We’re still on the look out for a pedestal desk for back in Sunny Stockwell.

As ever, we fell out over furniture.

Oh dear.

I found a desk that fitted the need; Anna wasn’t shifting. Or paying.

A quick burst in the gym followed. The bloody annoying Chris Rea gym playlist was on the PA.

I joined Anna in the pool. She swam two lengths with me and then disappeared. I had the pool to myself for 38 more lengths.


Afternoon tea down at the Hythe, innit

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We stopped off at Boudecia for some tea and cake on the return back to base. We’ve been wanting to drop in for some time, but have been a little busy.

The chocolate brownie was a BEAUT.

And then rather weirdly, the shout went out mid-afternoon of:

“To the Wivenhoe Allotment Allotment and Garden Association Summer Show!”


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I was asked to snap away after Mr Official Snapper had a few tech issues.

MADAM #WeirdWiv

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We were given some FREE beetroots in return, plus the offer of a MASSIVE marrow. We politely declined, with the pub calling.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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I had to do some silly stretching before the BOOZE kicked in. It was gorgeous Quayside out in the late Estuary Wilds afternoon sun.

The Black Buoy Beer Festival was lively.


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We went straight in with the dark stuff in an attempt to drink the Porters dry.

It didn’t turn into a major session for us. #t20FinalsDay was waiting back at base.

Along with Daisy and Dotty who we haven’t seen much of today.

Hey hoe.

That was a day.

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