Up early on Friday morning to try and fit in a swim.

Oh mist rolling in from the Colne…

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It wasn’t quite Mist Rolling in from the Trent, but the Muddy Banks of the Colne will just have to do.

For now.

And so there I was, at one with all the 7am hippie nature shit along the Trail, and then…



Another bloody puncture.

I was at the furthest point along the Trail away from home, with a work shift starting at 8am.

Hey hoe.

There was only one thing for it: abandon swim, and push the bloody bicycle all the way back to base.

I just don’t do puncture repairs, Comrades.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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My timing was fortunate. I had an hour to spare ahead of work. If I am going to be stuck out in the middle of bloody nowhere then I will snap away as I walk.

I’m pretty pleased with my decision to use the iPhone as the main camera mule when I’m out and about.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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I was back home just in time for the first run of work shifts.

Some Buzz action followed.

I’m no longer surprised to see these waiver reports drop week after week.

Lambeth Council is ‘cash-strapped’ don’t forget, Comrades.

Mid-morning was all about Operation Get Dotty Inside.

The cats were booked in for their annual jabs.

Daisy is a dear to call in from the garden; Dotty is a bloody nightmare.

Apologies, neighbours for the constant:


…calls mid-morning.

She finally came in and we grounded them both ahead of the walk to the vets.

Oh dear. Not happy

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I had long list of Dotty concerns for the vet, but pretty much an empty slate for Daisy.

Dotty was anxious during the short walk to the other side of town. Daisy appeared to enjoy the change of scenery.

The vet brushed aside any Dotty concerns; she then said that Daisy was fat.


We weren’t expecting that.

Daisy will eat her dry food the same way that I will finish off a tube of Pringles.

Time to start weighing out the food and making sure that she doesn’t balloon to an absolute lard arse.

Both cats returned home, a little shaken by the experience. They slept the entire afternoon.

Early afternoon was spent tackling the garden. I haven’t touched it for over a week.


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The green sticky thing down the side of the house is thinking about the magical autumnal act of the gorgeous, deep red hues.

I gave the stray growth a stay of execution, in anticipation of the nature colour freak show that will follow over the coming weeks.

A late afternoon shift, and then we went to a wedding.

Well I never.

Not the ceremony as such, but the celebrations for an old young pal and partner.

It was ACE catching up with all the old 15 Queen Street crowd once again.

The occasion was something of a private affair, and so I’ll leave it at that.

Lovely, lovely evening with some of my favourite people though.

Chin chin.

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