The BEAST of a bully with a poncey bell around his neck was sunbathing on my patio at 6am.


Daisy and Dotty were staring him out from the safety of the wisteria high ground.

I showed no such common sense by running out in my boxers, hsssss-ing at the BEAST of a bully with a poncey bell around his neck.


The 7am work shift was far more settled. No boxers, and no poncey bells around the neck either.

My late night explorations with Anchor showed some reward.

iTunes emailed to say that a feed for a new school podcast has been accepted into the Apple Store.

It use to be a bit of faff trying to achieve this. The Anchor app does it all natively.

I’m still not sure if Anchor is the solution I am looking for as an Audioboom replacement in schools.

There’s no guarantee that it will do a bloody Audioboom and silo off all your content for a premium price.

I’ve had my online fingers burnt before with video and Five years of school video content disappeared from the front end overnight.

I’ve got all the original files backed up. But it’s an arse to try and upload them elsewhere, and then embed on a file-by-file basis.

No ta.

Sometimes you go with the immediate tools that are available, and then find a new solution when these f-up.

I exchanged a few messages with Disco Darryl about Anchor. We’re pondering firing up the METROKNOBBERS machine once again.

The key has to be to keep it simple. I’m not sure if Anchor will allow this…

Work pressed on, and so did the daily routines of Daisy and Dotty.

It’s a little heartbreaking, but I think that they are still the best of friends.

Dotty is the explorer. She will disappear for four hours or so.

Daisy meanwhile likes the safety and surrounds of our back garden. I felt a little sorry for her as she sniffed around on her own.

We had an all company webinar mid-morning.

It’s quite an effort getting a global remote team together at the same time.

I bashed out a couple of Chronic planning posts.

Back on the Trail, innit

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The escape to the gym was much needed.

I managed to take a Colchester Rovers lycra lad on a roadie whilst riding my MTB up Whitehall Road.


A few grunts in the gym, and then a Boy Racer joined me in the adjacent lane in the pool.

It was the familiar routine of taking me on for a length, stopping at the other end for a breather, and then taking me on once again two lengths later.

Learn to swim, fella.

The bicycle journey back along the Trail saw an electric mini-wheeler pass me in the opposite direction.

I’m hearing and reading more about electric bicycles. If I ever get to the stage where I need one then a mini-wheeler would seem the right solution.

Some more work, and a final Audioboom sign off.

I recorded my final piece for the platform, pressed the upload button and… meh.

It wouldn’t upload.

And they expect me to pay £9.99 per month for three work accounts and one personal account?

No ta.

La Vuelta was my early evening viewing of choice.

Anna returned from S Ldn with a bag full of live worms.

WHAT a romantic.

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