Warp 9 and Light Years Away to start off the 7am shift.

LOVE #LateJunction.

There was a time back in the Fair City when my copy of Crucial Electro was on permanent loan to half the year group in Year 3.

A dog-end album cover and a scratched vinyl was returned to me before the end of the summer term.

I’ve never heard Light Years Away sound as fresh as it did this morning.

They're a right bloody pair

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Daisy and Dotty had a weird night.

They didn’t sleep with me – this ISN’T as weird as it sounds.

Instead they entertained the frog that I suspect Dotty brought in during the early hours.

Naughty Dotty.

This left them both a little whacked for the start of Wednesday.

Daisy did venture outside before the Estuary Wilds rain started.

She was soon chased back in by the BEAST of a bully with a poncey bell around his neck.

My only free time for the swim was late afternoon.

I took a rain check and thought BALLS to that.

And so a run instead.

I was trying to take a break from pounding the mean streets of C07 whilst my odd foot injury heals.

I took it easy around the University park circuit. My odd foot injury didn’t make an appearance.

Oh dear

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A little more work, and then a haircut.

It’s only taken me seven years to trust a barber in the village.

I bashed out a brief Chronic piece from a news list that is building up once again.

And then a pretty major Buzz scoop.

We’re on a roll right now. It’s not hard tbh when these stories write themselves.

Bloody audioboom buggered up late afternoon.

I knew this was coming…

The platform has come a long way since the early days of the more pleasing audioboo.

Actually it hasn’t – it has regressed.

I still use it as my main audio tool, both for work and for pleasure.

But the increasing shift towards a subscription model was only a matter of time.

Bollocks if I’m paying £9.99 a month for each of my three school accounts, let alone my little used personal channel.

And so now I have the task of taking the crap out of the silo.

These platforms never make it easy to take back what you put in.

I searched around for various solutions to download 500+ recordings from my personal account before audioboom forgets that I ever existed.

Cheers for being an early adopter, Jase.

Various php scripts came my way.

In the end I settled for a rather simple method of subscribing to the RSS in iTunes, and then downloading all the content.

I now need to find an alternative audio platform for my school work. Anchor is a possibility…

News of the S Ldn / Essex inter-worm breeding reached me in the evening.

Anna reported that the worms have been delivered to South Lambeth Road.


All we need now is for the f-wit delivery company to deliver the wormery.

We decided instead for Anna to take the worms to work tomorrow [ewww] and then bring them back to bloody Essex.

They can get jiggy with the Essex worms until we have a home for them back in S Ldn.

Which has kinda been my own personal life for the past seven years, Comrades.

Hey hoe.

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