Southwark Park Run for early Saturday morning.

Dulwich Park Run, innit

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My home territory of Brockwell was out of bounds. Lambeth Council had once again pimped out the public park to the highest bidder for some nonsense millennial festival.

Bloody Yoof.

And so I cycled past Brockwell, up Burbage Road and le velo and all the way over to Dulwich Park.

This was the second time that I have run this route. I still managed to get a little lost finding the race start.

It was reassuring to see a largest contingent of Brockwell runners had made the short trip over the borough border.

It was also reassuring to catch up with Korfball Rich. I have followed his Strava times from afar. I made a point of letting him know that I was in no danger of crashing his expected sub 20 minutes race time.

Dulwich Park run is known on the circuit as the route where PB’s are SMASHED.

I was more concerned about smashing my heel to be honest.

I really shouldn’t have been running…

My right heel has been giving me some bother for a couple of weeks now. It is manageable if I rest throughout the week. But that’s not on my fitness / wellbeing bollocks agenda.

I pushed hard-ish around the three laps of the park. I was happy with a half-decent official race time of 22’16 – two minutes behind Korfball Rich.

Still chuckling over this. Chapeau!

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I cycled on the Moulton Mini back towards Brockwell, and redemption in the waters of the lovely lido.

Post Park Run Swim #lidolove

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The pool temperature is teasing us with the delights of autumn that are to come. It was clocked at 19 degrees for Saturday morning.

The waters were choppy with the Tri boys and girls bouncing up and down in their black rubber.

I pressed on for twelve lengths – eight short of what I had planned. I was pretty tired tbh after the trip to Stratford and the athletics the night before.

Ou est le Icicles?

I didn’t recognise ANYONE on Saturday morning 🙁

That nice Mike Urban had politely asked me to bash out a couple of Buzz pieces whilst he has a weekend retreat.

As predicted, Brixton Arches is a story that is not going to end well.


A mad housework session in the flat, and then out went the shout of:

“To Transpontine del Curva!”


Dulwich had their first match of the season at home to Staines Town [is this right? I never know. I’m writing the Buzz match report later…]

It was my first serious climb on the Mini Moulton. The Champion Hill approach was a little challenging.

Queues for #dhfc. We've not even reached August Bank Holiday yet. Blimey.

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I caught up with Disco Darryl inside the ground. The Dulwich Raider was also on fine form, even more relaxed than usual.

The game was typical of an early season opener. It was played out at a level above a pre-season stroll, but only just.

A final score of 1-1 seems about fair [is this right? I never know. I’m writing the Buzz match report later…]

Down the Dulwich, innit #dhfc

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I gave BOOZE a miss, and cycled back to Sunny Stockwell instead.

The South Lambeth Road garden was given the weekly tidy. I’m spending more time on this now than I do back in the bloody Estuary Wilds.

I edited the Dulwich pics, and then published the Buzz report.

Some FaceTime with Anna followed, and then I picked up a late, late Saturday night shift.

It’s a big old BOOZY day down at The Oval tomorrow with Surrey.

Pay to play, Jase.

Chin chin.

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