A flitting and flirting Friday that saw me at both ends of the line.

I started in the Estuary Wilds with the 7am shift. I also started with something of a t20 hangover.


The best cure was to run it off. I had a spare hour in-between shifts at 9am. I could make it around the Estuary Wilds Alresford circuit in under an hour, right?


Only just.

Alresford, innit

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It was a weird run. The ground was still soft along the Estuary and out towards the Creek.

Once I hit the tarmac my ankles gave me a bit of a wake up call.

I finally need to switch to the new pair of running shoes that I snaffled in a closing down sale a couple of months ago.

Oh dear

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And then a full on morning of very, very busy work shifts.

I took a little time to take in the Don Campbell four-fer with yer man @RobertElms.

He also played Taja Sevelle’s Love is Contagious.

Blimey – I’ve not heard this in over 25 years. I had forgotten the Prince connection.

And then it was a quick turnaround and an escape back home to Sunny Stockwell.

Daisy and Dotty were both compliant. They came indoors when asked.

The back door was locked behind them.

I dislike shutting them in, but Anna will be around later.

I cycled on the newly serviced Brompton over Ldn Bridge, with the newly bought BIG Brompton bag.

Never trust a Brompton label that claims that a particular bag is not compatible with your particular model of bicycle.

I had a tight turnaround in the flat. A little clearing up, a LIDL run, and then out went the shout of:

“To Stratford!”


Yeah, cheers Ldn Stadium #bethenext

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Anna and I had a rare His ‘n’ Hers night out together in Ldn at the World Championships.

We booked the tickets months ago. I was amazed how quick this has come around.


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This was my first time in the Ldn Stadium.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

RUN! #bethenext

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The hour and a half decathlon high jump was a little meh, but the rest of the athletics was bloody ACE.

It inspired me to replicate similar running achievements at Dulwich Park Run in the morning.

Yeah, right.

Stratford skies #bethenext

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