#LateJunction and Moon River for the 7am shift work shift.

That’s Moon River as played on… the saw.


#LateJunction remains BONKERS but brilliant.

Work tools were downed. I cycled off for the swim.

I didn’t chance it along the Trail on Thursday. 40mm of rain landed on the Estuary Wilds on Wednesday. My summer MTB ‘aint getting muddy for no one.

The Hythe was half underwater.

#SUNNYCOLCH #Colchester

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Oh dear.

I tired to slip past West Ham Wanker in the gents without conversation. He had that look in his eye that said: I have got a story to tell you, and I’m going to tell it to you even if I have to tie you down.

Oh, go on then, fella.

Mr Wanker was unhappy about slipping out for a pee in the family changing rooms, midway through a UKIP Racist Spa session.

My first thought was that at least he actually used the changing room, and not the UKIP Racist Spa for a pee.

“And so I f-ing opened the toilet door, and what the F did I f-ing see? Only some c*** of an old f-ing granny, knickers around her ankles and her arse in the air.”

Oh dear.

I made some comment about how it might have been upsetting if a young family member had walked in on the scene.

“Mate – I was f-ing TRAUMATISED”

…replied Mr W.

I pressed on with the swim.

New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle was playing in the gym as I left.


I had a brief garden inspection back at base ahead of the next run of work shifts.

Green (and overgrown) #GREEN

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The rain of Wednesday appears to have grown a courgette overnight.

Oh MADAM #homegrown

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My Sleaford Mods rehab isn’t going very well. I’ve being playing the first two albums pretty much constantly for the past three weeks.

I didn’t break the habit on Thursday.

More work, and a bloody Brixton Wave piece for Buzz.

What a mess, Comrades.

The rest of the afternoon was spent waiting for the garden to dry out ahead of some anarchic gardening.

I spent a couple of hours sorting out the crap that built up after the downpour on Wednesday.

In Wormery News: I bought a wormery for the flat back in Sunny Stockwell.

We’ve got a couple in the Estuary Wilds. They work rather well.

We’ll see how well they survive the mean streets of SW8…

A little more work, and then some t20 action – the first time via the Now TV box.

Oh – and BOOZE as well.

Back to S Ldn in the morning 🙂

Isn't she LOVELY #FaveKitten

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Lovely Dotty

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