Some Spanish to English translations were required on the 8am shift.

I then exchanged texts with Wifey about alliums whilst she was passing through France.

Five minutes later and the conversation had turned to spring bulbs as she was speeding through Belgium.

I am SO European, Comrades; I even own a Sade album.

Mogwai on #LateJunction put an end to all the pan-European jollity.

The swimming window of opportunity was missed. The Estuary Wilds rain came down. It didn’t stop until bedtime.

@RobertElms opened with Wichita Lineman 🙁

It is the most perfect piece of pop music.

I whacked up the speakers and belted out the first line.


The Reggae Tune of the Day was by The Skints.


Rain and work shifts continued.

I cobbled together a half-arsed Chronic piece, and then a bit of Buzz action.

I left the house to buy some milk, apples and cat food.

That was the highlight of my Wednesday.

Mr Delivery Man failed to turn up to collect the old BT Vision box.

I pressed on and connected the Now TV set up instead.

Athletics once again dominated the evening action.

I’m getting rather excited about our London Stadium trip on Friday evening.

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