Some Diesel Park West early on Tuesday morning to accompany the Bran Flakes.

Betcha there’s NO OTHER blogger who will start a post with the same sentence.

I’m on a kinda DPW sabbatical right now. I’ve got the Jon C Butler [arf] album lined up on the playlist. But I’m not feeling the hippy shit vibe.

And so it was strange that I decided to give the Summer of Love EP a spin.

It’s half decent, actually.

I’ve never bought into any of this hippy shit.

NEVER TRUST A HIPPY, etc Comrades.

I do like a bit of Alone Again Or, mind. The Damned version from 30 summers ago [gosh] holds some very fond personal memories of the time.

I was joined for the DPW listening by Daisy. She decided to sit on my lap



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This hasn’t happened in nine months or so.

It didn’t last long.

Anna made a racket with her 7am S Ldn disappearing act.

Daisy did a runner.

I pressed on with the work.

The Postman Delivers:

The Postman Delivers: @bandyshinty. oh *SWOON* #nffc #TwoStarsOnTheBadge

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Plus a LOVELY postcard.

Oh we miss him. Every day and every season #nffc #TwoStarsOnTheBadge

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OH how we miss him 🙁

Muddy Banks Man is back. oh

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Mid-morning saw my first cycle along the Trail for a few days. It was more like mid-October than high summer.

West Ham Wanker was banging on about bloody bowls in the gym.

He is upset that a prior bowls booking will lead him to missing the first West Ham match of the season.

Width Woman ruined my swim.

Apologies, Madam.

But you did.

A lane share with Width Woman was the only option available. I didn’t have time to arse around in the UKIP Racist Spa and wait for some space.

Width Woman plodded up and down, taking up the whole width.

I counted six kicks to my ribs in the forty lengths that I put in.

Cheers, Width Woman.

More work, more @RobertElms listening.

King’s Cross was the location for Around Your Manor.

KX is far from my manor, but it is one of the few parts of N Ldn that I can tolerate.

I think that it’s a Nottingham thing. I’m fascinated in how the surrounds of the main London terminals take on the character of the stations that they serve.

There always seems to be a strong East Midlands presence to me around King’s Cross.

That’s a polite way of saying that I always bump into plenty of pissed up Forest fans.

The rest of Tuesday just… went.

Work took up most of the time.

And bloody frogs.


I lost count how many times I had to do the Frog Run to the pond at the end of the road.

I caught the athletics for the first time since the Championships started. We’re off to the London Stadium on Friday.

I’m not sure what we’re watching.

Is it really summertime?

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