Jeffrey Lewis and 12 Crass Songs to start off Sunday morning.

Which was a little different.

I’ve no idea how this passed me by a decade ago.

It wasn’t the most amazing album, that I have ever heard. There is some merit in recording covers that are far removed from the originals as possible.

I cycled through an empty Brixton and on to the lovely lido.

Le Gai Pensionnaire was waiting to greet me on the gate.

It wasn’t specifically a personal greeting – le gai pensionnaire was wearing his Friends of Brockwell Park summer hat and was doing the meet and greet for the monthly jumble.

I had a rummage around within. A striped linen summer jacket caught my attention. I haven’t got the nerve to pull it off anymore 🙁

Brockwell Blue for a Sunday morning #lidolove

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The swim was absolute perfection.

That’s perfection as in the conditions, and not exactly my technique.

It was a brilliant Brockwell blue sky day. This meant that the magical water fairies were dancing down on the basin of the lido below.

I could see clearly from end to the other.

Twenty lengths wasn’t enough.

To my surprise the waters of Lake Brockwell have become a little chilled. We are touching just over 19 degrees. It felt a little fresher.

I had a slight chill after sixteen lengths, and so bailed four lengths later.

OH #Vauxhall lavender garden *swoon*

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My next stop was Vauxhall Park. I made a note when passing through on Saturday at how stunning the lavender garden is looking.

I returned on Sunday for a few snaps and sniffs.

Some WEIRD lavender fitness session was taking place. It was all quite harmless – some Sunday morning fitness types going through their paces in-between the lavender corridors.

Luncheon saw housework in the flat.

Phew – ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, Jase.

Now turn around

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I then bused it over to Peckham to meet up with a Faraday friend. We had a little work to carry out together.

View from #Peckham library. LOVELY

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I chose the location of Peckham library. I was surprised that it was open on a Sunday. It offered some silence and stunning views back over the City.

I was on the right side of town for another appointment. I had arranged to see a man about a bicycle over in Deptford.

The only problem was that I had three hours to kill.

My kinda food, Comrades

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I decided to walk it through New Cross and then to destination Deptford. I had my f717 with me, and so did the snappy snappy thing.

#Deptford, innit

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It’s not my most favourite part of town – that’s the polite version.

A Peckham hipster was drinking outside with a female friend – both barefoot, and with no sense of irony.

I’m sure that Daniel Cruz Tizon wouldn’t approve.

The horses are on the track

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I wasted a little more time exploring Deptford ahead of waiting for my man.

And then 7pm came and it was time to do the deal on the Moulton Mini.

My Raleigh 20 back in Stockwell is f-ed. I have shown it no love over the past four years. In return it has showed me plenty of service.

It was more economical to replace it than to service it.

And so it was a return to Moultoneering with a Mini in my site.

I sold the three other Moultons back in the Estuary Wilds a few years ago. A kinda miss them tbh.

And so I had the brainwave to pick up a Mini for my London run around.

It was pretty much perfect.

I am a Moulton-eer again. Chapeau!

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The frame and wheels are in good condition. The size of the riding position is a bit of an issue. But I will only be using this for short, S Ldn trips.

It felt fine cycling back from darkest Deptford over to Sunny Stockwell.

I gave it a quick clean back at base, and then ‘liberated’ the 20 on a nearby bicycle rack. I hope that it finds a good home.


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