My pointless online abacus told me that Thursday was my 1,500th indoor swim. I started keeping a record some seven years ago.


There was a time when the Lovely Lido entry was ahead of the indoor nonsense 🙁

The cycle in along the Trail involved a full on head wind.

And some BONKERS Weird Wiv scenery.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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Funny old town…

Wet Suit Woman was back in the pool.

She was also back in the bloody fast lane.

It was most odd. Her swimming routine involves wearing a wet suit in an indoor pool, and then… walking.

In the bloody fast lane.

I wonder if Wet Suit Woman has a pointless online abacus, with one data field called:

Number of Times I Have Pissed off Jase in the Pool

TWO and counting, Madam.

The aqua aerobic ladies were shifting a huge volume of water in the adjacent lane. It may have been indoor swimming, but it felt more like the great outdoors.

I had a brief work shift back at base, and then – SEE YA!

I buggered off back to S Ldn.

Sunny #Stockwell #SW8

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A mad dash across town was needed. I had 29 minutes to get from LS back to the Sunny Stockwell flat.

I made it with four minutes to spare.


And relax.

A little South Lambeth Road gardening took place later in the afternoon. The lavender garden is starting to fade. Soon it will be time to harvest the purple loveliness.

End Days for the South Lambeth Road lavender garden #SW8

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Some more work, and then another spare hour for a window of opportunity.

Which must mean:


Double dipping, innit #lidolove

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It was a tight turnaround. I put in a lame six lengths of lido double dipping.

There was no hot water in the gents. The pool temperature had dipped back to below 20 degrees.

It was still LOVELY.

A brief Wifey reunion back in the flat interrupted the next run of work shifts.

We utilised our valuable five minutes together by talking about paint colours.

Sunny #Stockwell, innit

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I took an early evening stroll around Sunny Stockwell and into the reaches of Clap’ham.

I bumped into t20 Tony, which was decent.

Just in case you didn't know the address

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It’s been quite a while since I did the Sunny Stockwell to Clap’ham stretch. I no longer run around the Common. My Clap’ham Manor pool days are unlikely to ever return.

NEVER trust a hippy, Comrades

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You can never underestimate the pace of change around these parts.

And then finally a little more work back at base.

Busy old S Ldn day coming up in the morning.


#Stockwell Bus Garage is SEX. Yeah

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