Burt Back Ache for the Tuesday morning early, early work shift.

Serenade Radio does make me SMILE.

Here's one #FaveKitten

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The easy listening bored the fury pants of Daisy and Dotty. The kittens were restless. And so I introduced them to the delights of cat nip.

Here's another #OtherOne

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Oh Lordy.

The lounge carpet scene reminded me of my first time ‘experimenting’ in a club.

Enjoy, my dears.

A sad moment came when my South London Hardcore podcast listening came to a close. I was way behind on catch up. I’ve now reached the end of the run – the final run?

What I love about SLHC is that I always learn something new, yet never feel that I am being lectured to.

Top, top work, fellas.

I snapped a couple more pics for the kitten tumblr.

A mail then dropped saying that I have made 250 posts to dailydaisydotty.

We’ve almost had them for a year now. I won’t quite reach the 365 posts on their first anniversary. But then again I’m not exactly around daily.

I’m not quite sure what the purpose of the project is. There’s a similar one out there for the mad cat. I can’t look at it now without crying 🙁

Kitten fodder, innit

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Frogs came and went for the rest of the morning. I lost count how many Dotty had brought in by midday.

Back on the Trail, innit

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I buggered off to the pool.

BAD news in Ballet and Booty Barre [nope, me neither] News:

They have both been axed from the gym class timetable.


West Ham Wanker will be in tears.

Some backstroking old bird was in the fast lane.

Her definition of fast is on par with my understanding of clean shaven.

There’s a metaphor there that I wouldn’t like to explore any further.

We tried to share the space, but it wasn’t working.

She retired to the UKIP Racist Spa as I pressed on for a rare 50 lengths.


The aquatic theme continued back at base. I booked an appointment to try and get a water metre fitted back at South Lambeth Road.

We’re not smelly, but we only use water for tea and teeth cleaning.

I managed to snaffle the new Jon C Butler album.

You can take the boy out of the East Midlands, m’duck...

And then there was Dorset Road.

Oh dear.

I completely missed out on the news story overnight. A few frantic phone calls later and it appears that all is OK back in SW8.


I did some manic gardening late in the day. The magnolia is starting to flower. This plant is one of the few survivors from… Dorset Road.

I wonder if it would still flower back in SW8, Comrades?

And then Tuesday evening was all about LIVING THE DREAM with Northants in the #t20Blast.

I managed to catch Bell End.

We’ll miss him when he’s gone.

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