Another Cockermouth Cock Up run with Anna for Monday morning.

Oh dear

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The route is BONKERS. Running deliberately slowly is actually bloody hard.

And then is was all about Operation Get the Chuff Out of Here.

It will only take eight hours plus to get back to base.

Hey hoe.

The worst part is the bloody bus journey to Penrith.

An hour and a half bouncing around on the top of a double decker is not the best way to spend a Monday morning.

The scenery was pretty stunning. I tried to test Anna by asking her to name various mountains and lakes.

The best is got was the Lakeside llama centre.


An integrated transport network has sadly yet to arrive up in Cumbria. The bus pulled in as one train was departing.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, friends #aldi

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We somehow managed to spend the best part of an hour digging around in Aldi. I spent a grand total of £1.74 on six birthday cards.

The train back to Ldn was RAMMED. The fallout from the Kendall Calling festival was very much on show.

The Virgin Trains staff were offering a ‘clean your wellies for free’ service ahead of boarding.

This was coded talk for EEK! You smell.

Classy #chinchin

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We slipped into, um, first class.

Don’t tell that nice Mr Corbyz, Comrades.

Reading a newspaper – for the first time in a decade?

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I picked up a newspaper to read – for the first time in over a decade. My OCD hands can’t handle the messy ink.

The drinks trolly rocked up once, twice, three times a lady etc.

Don’t mind if I do.

Chin chin.

Three top ups on the train. GET IN #chinchin

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Anna and I went our separate ways at LS. She headed back to the flat; I was pushed back to *over there* to see to the cats.

It was a very sobering experience rolling through the Essex countryside with no drinks trolly to soften the blow.

We’ve been worried about Daisy and Dotty all weekend. This was their first solo road test.

It all seemed rather predictable: one dried up dead frog in the kitchen and two very tired cats.

Back to the Amazing Madam Dotty

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And back to #favekitten, innit

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The rest of Monday was spent harvesting some tomatoes, and then a late, late work shift.

It’s good to be back.

But don’t tell Anna.

Back to… #WeirdWiv

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