A run out with Anna around the Lakes to start Sunday morning.

Oh dear

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I say Lakes – I mean the Lake District in the broadest sense. We actually ended up on a very slow jog around a housing estate.

The purpose of the holiday by mistake was the celebration of an 80th birthday. The rest of Sunday was taken up with celebrating.

Acorn House, #penrith innit

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Acorn Bank outside of Penrith was chosen as the National Trust location for the party.

Joining us in our group was Barney – an eight month old over-excitable pup.

Young Barney took a bit of a liking to a field of sheep. We had something of a Fenton moment.

Anna and I looked at each other, and without any words, immediately made the Fenton reference.

Tears were running down our faces. I almost had an accident in my pants.

A rather stern National Trust type then came over to give us a good ticking off.

“I don’t find this very funny at all.”

Oh dear.

I had to walk away through fear of following through in my Y-fronts.

We looked around a restored water mill. I was in awe of the flow of upward water engineering.


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Luncheon was taken outside in the National Trust cafe.

Paid for meals from the cafe were decent. A homemade birthday cake was then slipped out from under the table.

It caught the attention of the chef.

Birthday cake, innit

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A cake stand off then too place.

She came out to greet us and enquire about the cake.

A chorus of Happy Birthday was spontaneously launched.

I think that’s called having your cake and bloody eating it.

We headed back to Cockermouth early evening, in time to catch The Oval Test highlights once again.

I picked up a work shift very late in the day.

Big Client #1 was heavy on social content from… a Cumbrian cycling event.


A bizarre conversation then took place with the celebrating birthday type over sporting redheads.

The holiday by mistake comes to a close in the morning.

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