Up early and out to Lake Brockwell.

The pool was a beautiful Brockwell Blue shortly after 7am.

Monday morning Brockwell blue #lidolove

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Once again I top and tailed Lido Steven. I had plans for a Double Dip session later in the day, and so only put in twelve lengths.

I left the tepid waters and did some silly arthritic stretching poolside. A butterfly boy was in full power mode, ploughing up and down.

Is that le gai pensionnaire?

It was most impressive.

I had a few catch ups with some of the lovely Icicle folk. I haven’t see many of them in almost two months.

And then I cycled back through Brixton, on to Camberwell and then to SE17 for a school day.

Monday was all about Year 6.

I had long since put in the diary the date for the school play dress rehearsal. I can’t make the performance tomorrow as I am over in a Lambeth school.

I changed the way I usually approach these plays. The tripod at the back of the hall worked out rather well. I left my iPhone running in there recording all the songs.

This left me hands free to go wandering and snap away.

The performance of The Amazing Adventures of Superstan was pretty special. I didn’t see the rather major plot twist coming at the close.

I enjoyed it so much that I returned for the afternoon session with a different set of lead roles.

In-between was also all Year 6 focussed. This would be the last time that I would see this group of students together. I have known most of them since they were in the Nursery.

The Grammar Royalty had to be crowned. I had some fun with the pupils, shooting a very playful video.

We managed to squeeze in the filming for the school promo video as well. It’s pretty ambitious. I need to clear some time to sit down and edit it all.

I departed SE17 for the final time this term a little parched. The cool waters of Lake Brockwell were needed once more. I returned for a Double Dip.

Double Dipping, innit #lidolove

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This was OLD SCHOOL lido. It was bloody brilliant.

A scorcher of a South London afternoon and the lido packed with semi-naked bodies all over the place. I even managed to see Lido Howard, a face from way, way back in the day.

Eight pedestrian lengths followed. That took my total up to 20 for the day.

I had to cycle back to Sunny Stockwell pretty sharpish. I had a run of work shifts back in the flat starting at 5pm.

I also managed to edit the school play content and grammar content.

A productive day.

Let’s do it all over again in SE21 in the morning.

It’s good this, innit?

Oooh. We've got another Sunny #Stockwell BEAUT tonight #SW8

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