The first day with in the ‘new’ flat without any concerns for timings and schedules of the renovation.

And so I celebrated with the 8am shift.

Oh joy.

It didn’t last long. The lovely lido was of course calling.

#Brixton #SW9

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I cycled through Brixton and on to Lake Brockwell.

The waters were especially choppy. I’ve no idea why – it was a calm day, with the usual amount of swimmers putting in the lengths.


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I had a friendly cat and mouse twenty lengths with Lido Steven. He just caught me at the end.

Some Icicle conversations continued poolside, as well as my silly stretches.

No stretches=no swimming.

I am more flexible than Stretch Armstrong.

I cycled back towards Sunny Stockwell. I am still seeing new towers appearing on the Vauxhall horizon every month or so.

The geography of Stockwell Road in relation to the Nu Vauxhall makes it appear closer than they actually are. I think that the latest uprising is somewhere around Vauxhall island?

Crossing at #Vauxhall

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I kept on cycling, crossing at Vauxhall and all the way to the West End and TCR.

TCR, innit

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On my radar was a new camera tripod. I’ve some pretty heavy filming coming up across various schools this week. It really is time that I got on some level ground with a tripod.

In SEXY New Tripod News:

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I was prepared to do some bartering along TCR. The very first shop had exactly what I wanted. The shopkeeper actually bartered with me and gave me a discount without asking.

A quick clean up back in the flat, and then Sunday afternoon was all about the ACE Lambeth Country Show.

Oh #lambethcountryshow

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I approached Brockwell Park this year with the vague plan of spending an hour or so amongst the vast crowds, and then slipping out.

BASS #lambethcountryshow, innit

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Three hours later and I was down at the front of the Main Stage for the Sunday roots vibe 🙂

#lambethcountryshow, innit

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I did the manic snapping thing for Brixton Buzz. I remained BOOZE free. I couldn’t be arsed to queue for Chucklehead, let alone the penis style veg competition.

I did see a sheep being sheared.

Twice in a week. GEDDIN #lambethcountryshow

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One of the London Elvi was spotted once again as I was leaving. That’s twice in one week that I have clocked the cool dude and his dancing.

Double dipping #lidolove

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I ended up once again back at the lovely lido for something of a Country Show comedown.

Red Maz of Bal’ham came round to the flat early evening. She blagged a microwave out of me.


I then had a couple of hours of more manic work.

Big Client #1 went a little crazy with the Wimbledon content.

Hey hoe.

BIG school day coming up in the morning.

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