A return to S Ldn very early on Saturday morning.



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The 6:23am out of the Estuary Wilds was painless, given the six weeks away whilst waiting for the flat to be finished.

Spoiler: it’s not quite finished. The level of workmen destruction is manageable by my OCD levels.

I had a mad dash across the empty streets of the city. An 8am work shift was scheduled for back in the flat.

I made it with a minute to spare.

What’s the rush?


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It was them time for a return to Lake Brockwell. It has been a sorrowful eight weeks since I last bathed in the lovely lido.

This was Lambeth Country Show weekend. Brockwell Park was a little bonkers.

Ooohhhhh #lambethcountryshow

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Security was tight, even at 9:30am.

It was a bit of a faff entering the closed off lido. I was sent round to two different gates by two different security chaps.

Once inside and the water was LOVELY. I was surprised as to the clarity. I was expecting more suntan lotion cloud.

I planned for a gentle return with ten lengths. I bloody LOVED it and so pushed on for the full twenty.

A brief chat with Steven followed, fresh from the Dulwich Park Run.

I had a brief Chapeau! moment with @brixtonalex as we passed each other along Atlantic Road for the ride back to base.

Top fella.

An extraordinary funeral cortege delayed me slightly along the Clap’ham Road.

Pay your respects, etc but after the horse drawn carriage had passed, I wasn’t expecting the twenty black limos.

These were all numbered, and all full of folk looking smart in their tradition African costume.

S/he must have been very popular.

Or possibly rich.

A brief Lidl run, and then the rest of Saturday was all about work and Operation Put My Flat Back to the OCD Manner in Which I am Accustomed.

If I wasn’t sitting in front of my screen then I was poncing around with a duster.

Getting to Know the Appliance was my reading material for most of the morning.

New oven / washing machine / microwave ahoy!

I slipped outside mid-afternoon to see to the garden. It has grown into a right bloody mess during my eight week absence.

The lavender is lovely, if a little wild. The hedge – that technically isn’t ours – needed a severe haircut.

My trimmer started to splutter slightly. A very decent Porto chap suggested putting some cooking oil amongst the blades.

Ah. That’s better.

Cheers, fella.

More work, more housework.

I’m bloody knackered.

This has been the first Saturday of the Country Show weekend that I haven’t been able to make it in a very long time.

I’m hopeful of putting this right on Sunday.

Sunny #Stockwell Skies #SW8

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