And so I find myself stranded in the Estuary Wilds when I should be back home in S Ldn.


Friday morning was the final date for the flat renovation to be completed. It appears that final dates are no longer fixed.


Best make the most of what you’ve got Jase.

Which meant a run of Friday morning work shifts sitting next to Daisy and Dotty.

#FaveKitten, innit

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I managed a mid-afternoon gym visit. The free standing weights area was empty. I had no shame in my grunts.

A lame thirty lengths followed.

Mud Man, innit

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And then back to base for more work.

Anna returned from S Ldn, and then promptly pissed off for some silly golf.

Cheers, luv.

I gave the garden a good going over.

In SEXY Lawn News:

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Early evening saw some more t20 action. We both should have been back at The Oval, on the piss in the Pavilion.

But instead we had the Roses derby on Sky.

Hey hoe.

I have been led to believe that the flat was finally finished late in the day.

I’m buggering off back to S Ldn very early on Saturday morning.


Oh dear

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