Stop / start work shifts, stop / start online admin.

I’m making some serious progress with the photo unarchiving. I’ve reached 2008 in my endless archive.

It is reassuring for SE17 hyperlocal historians that there will be a digital archive capturing everything that took place in a certain Walworth school.

I returned to my podcast listening as well. The cricket season has interrupted my backlog of catching up.

I’ve only got around half a dozen South London Hardcores to get through and then… that’s it 🙁

All my fave podcasters are on hold: SLHC, Daniel Cruz Tizon, um, METROKNOBBERS.

Mid-morning brought much excitement with the publication of the Dulwich fixture list.

Thuggers and Muggers away on Boxing Day.


Plus Brightlingsea away in March.


Boats and BOOZE here we come.

The Work Scheduling Gods pushed me from early morning through until mid-afternoon. It meant no escape for the swim until 3pm.

High Tide!

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I cycled off on what was an amazingly dry Trail after the past few days of Estuary Wilds rain.

I had no motivation for the gym. I am very much a morning person.

Some light weights, a gentle swim and then falling asleep in the spa.

Thursday evening saw a few more work shifts, and then it was all about the ‘rrey away to the ‘Sex at HQ.

Bloody LOVE that team.


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