Domain renewals early on Wednesday morning. I seem to spend more these days on domains and hosting than I use to on music back in the day.

What happened?

I cycled off for the swim. The Trail was still wet and so I took the less scenic road route instead.

The swim wasn’t exactly picturesque. I was kicked in the bollocks by an aqua aerobic lady in the adjacent lane.


That bloody hurt.

Cheers, Madam.

I cut short my swim and headed back to the gents to check the damage.


I tried to take my mind off my misfortunes with work shifts.

Daisy returned from underneath the shed and joined my in the upstairs office.

Dotty attempted to join us about an hour later. Daisy and I played a game of hide and seek from Dotty behind the door.

Remote working sends you BONKERS, Comrades.

I had a brief break for a Farm Shop dash.

An array of organic goodness surrounded me. I departed with a bag of sixteen frozen croissants.

Dotty had got over her hide and seek shame. She performed the most amazing high jump in a failed attempt to snare a butterfly.

The afternoon work shifts were carried out with some Sleaford Mods catching up. I’ve no idea why, but my hometown boys have completely passed me by, m’duck.

I’m catching up fast.

The Sussex t20 kept me entertained in the evening along with some more work shifts.

News reached me late in the evening that the South Lambeth Road flat still isn’t finished.


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