The forecast was for torrential downpours throughout Tuesday.

Time and tide, etc Comrades. Time and tide.

I had a pretty full on stop / start run of work shifts. Plus the garden needed tackling ahead of the next CRAZY growth spurt.

And so the swim was abandoned.

I’ve got a slight cold.

Oh woe is me, etc.

The Postman Delivers:

The Postman Delivers: a bicycle pump adapter. #odd

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Big Client #1 has launched a new social campaign, moving from championing one marginalised group to another.

It’s a brave effort, but one that leads to a big fall out across social platforms.

It was then a race against time to get the garden sorted ahead of the rain.

I just about managed it. I expect to wake up in the morning with two inches of lawn growth, given the downpours throughout the day.

I also hope to wake up with Daisy and Dotty somewhere around the house. They both did a runner at the start of the rain and haven’t been seen since 🙁

Oh Gawd #FaveKitten

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The amazing Madam Dotty

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Another Lambeth fuck-wittery financial story was bashed out for Buzz.

I’m up to date with Le Tour and making the most of the tennis.

Whatever will we do during those long August evenings?

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