The Monday morning 7am shift was more like the midweek midday effort.


Oh dear.

Big Client #1 took something of a controversial view on social. Social came back and gave Big Client #1 a right old online kicking.


That bloody hurt.

At 7am as well.

I cycled on for the swim.

Muddy Banks Monday

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It didn’t get much better poolside.

A gathering of three chatterboxes mistook the fast lane for a social scene. They stood midway in the narrow length and gossiped.

Cheers, ladies.

In Better Bicycle Pump News: I ordered online an adaptor for my track pump.

I placed the original MTB valve adaptor somewhere in the garden last week as I gave the roadie a good old blast.

The original MTB valve adaptor has been AWOl ever since.

Hurrah then for the modern interweb. I located an exact replica replacement within seconds. It should be delivered in the morning.

Other mundane Monday tasks followed.

I switched a toilet seat from South Lambeth Road into position back in the Estuary Wilds.

The new SLR bathroom meant that we had a half decent toilet seat no longer needed. The Estuary Wilds one has seen some action.

It’s a dirty job, etc.

Daisy and Dotty were enjoying the downpours. These led to the local frog population appearing. I had removed three of these by mid-afternoon.

More work.

And a little more.

Le Tour and Wimbledon catch ups occupied Monday evening.

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