An early swim for Sunday morning. Time was tight, and so was my stroke. Rhythm is everything in the water. I resembled an awkward teenager trying to hide away at the school disco.

Oh dear.

That will be a low tide, then

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I had a crazy, crazy Sunday morning work shift back at base. Big Client #1 has been bigging up on social a worthy topical cause. Not everyone out there in modern interweb social land is so supportive 🙁

I tried to complete some SE17 school work that has been hanging over since last week.

Anna disappeared to the garden to cut up my lawn with her silly golf swing.

And then before luncheon, out went the shout of:

“To The Oval!”


We buggered off out of the Estuary Wilds and headed back home to S Ldn.

So yeah. On the piss in the OCS, innit. Oh dear. #3feathers

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Surrey has their first home t20 match of the season. All the old gang was there on the OCS balcony – Champagne Vicky, t20 Tony, Hairy Back Man…

t20 Tony was keen for the BOOZE. I dithered, despite the presence of the John Major Room right behind us.

We had some flat domestics to sort out later in the evening. A sober head was needed.

Surrey made hard work of almost throwing away a game that they should have won by the 15th over. The Sunday Oval crowd was very different to the Friday night piss ups.

Bloody LOVE this place #3feathers

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We walked back down Clap’ham Road and on to the flat.

I wasn’t supposed to be here. It is still a bit of a building site…

I did my best to overcome the OCS meltdown within. A lightbulb at the top of the stairs needed changing. It takes two to tangle, and two to change that bloody bulb.

We then made a floor plan for where the artwork is going to hang. Half a dozen or so pictures and prints were framed around four years ago. They have been sitting under the bed ever since, waiting for the renovation work to be complete.

I left Anna to make sense of the mess.

I had to disappear back to the Estuary Wilds to check up on two very naughty cats.

Back and forth, flitting and flirting.

It’s a funny old existence.


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The Other One

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