Some courgette handling first thing for Friday morning.

WOO SI MAMA #homegrown

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Cor. Wot a WHOPPER, etc.

This bad boy has put on most of the growth spurt in the past couple of days. We were running out of garden space to be honest.

And then I buggered off, all the way back to S Ldn once again. I’m expecting a garden overgrown with big green phallic things upon my return.

The Deserter Pubcast was the perfect adjustment listening as I tried to find my Transpontine head.

Make no mistake, Comrades – this Estuary Wilds Vs S Ldn living pulls you apart in every direction.

As soon as I cycle back towards E&C and further south, the Gaw Blimey in me is rediscovered. It’s actually a physical thing.

And then F-it. I’m back in the bloody Estuary Wilds and my body goes all bloody rural on me.

I hate to think what it does to my mind.

But anyway.

The Deserter Pubcast.

What are drugs and why are they so ACE was more or less the conversation that kept me company for under an hour or so.

Top work, fellas.

“If you don’t look after your health, how can you abuse it?”

…as the Dulwich Raider wisely added as a word of precaution.

I crossed as ever at Ldn Bridge, and then speded along on the Brompton all the way down to the Walworth Road.

I popped in to see Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes – once again.

The Brompton still isn’t tickety boo. Bob is the man to correct this.

I dropped off the bicycle, and then went on to see what I could find in the SE17 school for the day.

Heat was one thing.

Phew – that was a toughie.

I was expecting a pre-arranged video promo shoot. My subject matter are still in rehearsal mode.

The courgette theme reappeared at luncheon when I was offered a slice of homemade courgette cake.

Whatever happened to Death by Chocolate?

It was very decent, all the same.

Girl Y then asked me my age.

“How old do you think I am?”

…I replied.



Close, but no cigar, Girl Y.

I just about survived the S Ldn heat.

Bob – he of Bob’s Bikes – had taken apart my crank, given it a good clean and Bob’s yer uncle etc.

The man is a bicycling GENIUS.

Love him.

And then you know what comes next: across to LS and all the way back to bloody *over there.*


The flat should be finished early next week.

The choo choo sped through Chelmsford. I gave a wave to the @surreycricket boys.

I was back at base in time to see the start of the t20 action from Chelmsford.

BOOZE was taken.

C’mon the ‘rrey!

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