Another morning, another Buzz piece bashed out.

I think I am getting back into this now.

Anna did the S Ldn disappearing act.

Don’t worry – I’m right behind her later in the week…

Dot Dot, innit

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Dotty did the frog thing. I packaged it up in some tuppaware, put it out of sight and then… forgot about it.


Three hours later and Mr Frog was released back over the fence for Dotty to get hew paws into him once again.

A brief haircut followed. I tried a new chap – for me– in the village. He was very decent. I shall return.


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The swim was shit.

It didn’t get off to good start with the techno bollocks being blasted out poolside as I entered the water.

uh-oh: aqua aerobic time, innit.

I don’t like to second judge the musical tastes of others. I’d wager that the wrinkly demographic doing the aqua aerobics had similar views to mine about the techno bollocks.

Why can’t they do aqua aerobics to some easy listening?

An oldie was in the fast lane with me. Fair play, fella, but it’s best not to swim up and down in the middle when you are moving at 1mph.

And then a third swimmer broke all etiquette and gatecrashed our lane.

It was only bloody Snorkel Lady.

Oh bollocks.

Some swims are better than others, Comrades.

A full on afternoon of work shifts followed.

The Postman Delivers:

Check. 1-2. 1-2. Nu tech tools, innit

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Some new tech kit.

And a very flexible tripod

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I’ve been asked to shoot a promo video for one of the schools. Time to step up. I’m sure the kids are up for the challenge.

The rest of Tuesday was taken up with gardening, Wimbledon and Le Tour.

Whatever shall we do during those winter months?

Nasty old crash, btw 🙁

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