I’m not very good at heatwaves.

Apologies, friends and lovers. I hit mood swings when my face starts to melt.

There are far more worrying things happening right now. I tried to remind myself of this as Monday descended into an uncomfortable experience.

Strawberries and Shredded Wheat is my Nu Fave Breakfast. The garden this year is delivering the goods – strawberries, not Shredded Wheat.

I had a light touch working morning from home.

I tried not to get to hot and bothered over an old iPhotos library migration over to Photos.

Like I said – there are far more worrying things happening right now.

My old iMac and my not so old MacBook Air both haven’t got long left in the tech world. I’m running out of storage. I have put far too much faith in Time Machine back ups.

The iMac won’t be replaced. It only serves the purpose of being a dumping ground for content.

The MacBook Air however is the work mule. I need to decide pretty soonish if it gets replaced in this tax year with the new model still fresh.

All this tinkering took place in relative calmness. The cats disappeared to the garden shade for the day.

It was a good day for drying washing.

That was my one SEXY OBSERVATION for Monday.

I had a break in the working day after luncheon. Like a FOOL I cycled off to the gym for a treadmill workout.

It was actually quite pleasant with the industrial air conditioning.

The Park Run Postie turned up as I was leaving.


He was wearing his regulation Postie shorts and shirts that has become his Park Run calling card.

I couldn’t hang around long enough in the gym to see if he did the same indoors.

Back at base and I handed over my £6 online and downloaded the new Mule mini-album. I’ve no idea if he still drops in here.

And so I can slag it off, it it was so deserving.


The afternoon work shifts then went WOH.

It was manic. I felt like crying as I struggled to keep up with the pace and the humidity.

I listened to the 3pm news headlines and found some perspective.

Remote working is not always ideal.

I had a spare hour at 5pm. I took to the garden lawn and fired up the new Weller album.

I was disturbed in a delightful way by Daisy and Dotty. Despite the heat, they fell asleep next to me.

Such a pair of sweeties.

Tickets for Surrey at HQ in the Royal Ldn final were bought. We’ve paid top price for them and are optimistic of a grand day out at the old ground.

We’ve said the same thing for the past two Lord’s finals…

The latest instalment in the Anna LibDem argument was played out over the evening meal.

That nasty, nasty Vauxhall #ge2017 campaign has got a lot to answer for.

Work continued all the way through to bedtime. I’ve just about paid for the Lord’s tickets.

I’m contemplating my third shower of the day 🙁

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