An early morning wander around the streets of the village where I grew up.


Early mornings are the best. I was a little uneasy about whom I might bump into.

I don’t buy into all the topography crap.

I tried to remind myself of this as I passed a street corner where I use to fag; the back garage where I once took a kicking and a side passage that provided me with a ‘romantic liaison.’

The memories were also still there as I arrived at the village swimming pool.

Apologies South Notts pals: it is the worst swimming pool that I have ever ploughed up and down in.

There is no such thing as a bad swim.

But Friday was crap.

It didn’t get off to a good start when I realised that I had forgotten my goggles.


CRAPPY FM was blasting out all around – in the village changing rooms [URGH] and in the pool itself.

A couple of old birds were trying their best to drown out CRAPPY FM by having the loudest public conversation possible.

STFU, etc

I suffered 30 lengths, and then cut my losses.

I had a little time to spare, and so continued to hunt down some memories from 35 years or so ago.

Never go back.


Friday morning was spent on work shifts back in the new family home. My careers advisor didn’t mention this as a possibility some 35 summers ago.

I tried to avoid the news.

Just no.

No, no, no 🙁

I am quite a detached, unemotional sort of person.

But that past few days have been a bit… oh my.

@RobertElms turned to Bowie for some reassurance.

Changes sounded BEAUTIFUL.

As ever.

Luncheon led to a gardening break. My Dad asked me to mow his lawn.

oh. OK.

"Anything I can do for you Dad?" MOW THE LAWN. Oh bollocks

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I wasn’t expecting the detailed supervision. The old man pulled up a deckchair and directed operations from the wings.

Lawn presentation passed me by up until around ten years ago. Something of a healthy rivalry has been established between father and son lawns in recent years.

The temptation was to carry out an act of sabotage.

I think I passed the audition.

More work shifts followed in the afternoon. It was harder toil mowing the lawn to be honest.

I had a little work training ahead of a new client this weekend.

And then cricket.

I settled down to catch the Essex Slappers Vs Notts in the Royal Ldn semi.

I wasn’t sure who I should be cheering for.

When in Rome, etc.

Or Essex.

Or even Notts.


C’mon the ‘rrey!

I couldn’t catch the Notts innings. I had to head out over… Trent Bridge for an evening on the BOOZE with some old Nottm pals.

Chin chin.

BIG old day for @surreycricket in the morning.


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