Some fiddly diddly folk with #LateJunction early on Thursday morning.

Calling a Waterson fiddly diddly folk would have you hung in some hardcore folk quarters.

Is there such a thing as a hardcore folk quarter?

We once went to the Estuary Wilds Folk Club. It was a little hardcore – and not in a way that meant that we wanted to return.

Hey hoe.

I’ve mentioned many times before how #LateJunction works for me early in the morning. It is the perfect companion piece for the 7am shift.

I need some company, but nothing that SHOUTS at me.

Four mugs of tea before 8am also helps.

I had a window of an hour before the next client started. Just enough time for a run.

I took it easy out on the estuary circuit. The ground is bone dry. This is usually wellie territory whenever we go out on a Brightlingsea BOOZE walk from October onwards.

Oh dear

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I showered, and then settled down for a morning of work with @RobertElms on in the background.

It is a sad comment upon the times that we live in to say that he always gets the Ldn mood spot on during such dark days. The poor fella has had to broadcast through so much upheaval in recent weeks.

The stories from Kensington kept on coming. These were individual reflections, which when pieced together made up a quite remarkable whole.

I dismissed in my mind yesterday the first claims of this being a class war tragedy. But the anecdotes throughout Thursday are pointing towards this.

Elms finished his show by playing Waterloo Sunset – the Anthem for this city.

And The not very lady like Madam Dotty #BoyCat

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I didn’t have time to get teary eyed. Madam Dotty brought in her first mouse.

And so it begins…

It was a big fella. I trapped him in some Tupperware, and wished him well as I released him halfway down the road.

The delightful Daisy darling #FaveKitten

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Daisy meanwhile was very clingy all morning. She wouldn’t leave me alone.

This was all rather charming, but it was the exact same behaviour from the mad cat, days before she told us that her time was up 🙁

The cats both finally settled down for some sleep. I spent an hour or so tidying up the garden.

Happy with that #green

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Yep – happy with that.

And then a bloody five hour train journey back to the Fair City. I went via Norwich to try and save some pennies.

And failed aspirations

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The carriage was quiet. That didn’t stop five arsehole Oxbridge knobbers from colonising my space and talking VERY LOUDLY for the next hour.

ME ME ME etc.


I arrived back in Nottingham. It’s been some time since I have spent midsummer in the place where I once called home.

I wonder what adventures I will find over the next few days?

And so we're moving back to the Fair City. But don't tell Anna #nffc

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