The morning after the CTC Club run and I had tired legs once again.

No shit, etc.

It was hard work pedalling up the short hill to reach the gym. I swerved the treadmill and did some weights instead.

The light swim was very lame.

My body is old and falling apart.

Oh woe is me.

I remember playing 5-a-side every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening back in the day.

The local bowls club is currently on a recruitment drive.

Work was so so. We have had to switch to some new processes for Big Client #1. It’s all about online security, innit.

There’s a big day of crisis simulation coming up on Tuesday. Much of the day was spent reading and preparing for this.

And then there was Madam Dotty.

Oh dear.

Anna noticed late in the evening that she is limping once again.

Madam Dotty is a worry.

We decided to sleep on it, and see what she is like in the morning.

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