An early morning brief swim down by the waters of Lake Brockwell.

Blue skies, blue water and a bonkers backstroke girl.

Super Sunday #lidolove

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The ferocity of her stroke was something special. She gained a length on my freestyle with every two of her backstroke powering.

I had to get a shifty on myself.

A date was booked with Red Maz of Bal’ham for Stockwell station at 10am.

In over a quarter of a Century of friendship with Red Maz of Bal’ham, I’d wager that I have been late on every meet up.

I was determined to put a stop to this outside Stockwell tube on Sunday morning.

My arrival was one minute late. Red Max of Bal’ham is very forgiving.

We headed out West across town and over to Lord’s. It was Day 3 for the ‘rrey at HQ against that other lot from over the river. We were also joined by Korfball Carole.

On the piss at HQ. What could possibly go wrong? #3feathers

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The plan was for a social catch up in the morning, and then a Lord’s BOOZE session to see us over the finish line at stumps.

The social catch up was so entertaining that we forgot all about the BOOZE.

I don’t think that I have ever been sober at the Home of Cricket. It was quite enjoyable.

CARNAGE at HQ I tell you. Carnage #3feathers

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The ‘rrey looked in a spot of bother after luncheon. The Great Man Sangakkara came to the rescue, as ever.

20,000 first class runs were clocked up by The King shortly before 6:30pm. Sadly we were all back on the lovely jubbly line, and heading back down to Transpontonia.


The weekend finally caught up with me back in Sunny Stockwell. I had masses of school work to complete ahead of the new working week.

I am ever so slightly sun burnt.

Betcha Red Maz of Bal’ham is as well.

C’mon the ‘rrey!

Sunny #Stockwell Skies #SW8

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