A return to Brockwell Park Run on Saturday morning. I had no ambition other than to complete the 5km.

Simplicity is sometimes the best.

BRILLIANT Brockwell Park Run, innit

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Fellow lido lover Steven has been coaching me to overcome my blind spot that is Brockwell BMX Hill.

“Just run your bollocks off”

…is the perceived wisdom.

And so on Saturday morning I did just that.

I kept on running with short steps to climb up Cressingham. And then a sprint down the other side towards the Tulse Hill gates.

I was disheartened to see the 22 minute female pace maker finish well ahead of me.

Oh well.

It seems that Madam Pace Maker was a little on the sprinty side. My official race time of 21’24” dropped a little later in the morning – 16 seconds off a Park Run PB.

Happy with that.

Oh dear

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Lake Brockwell was LOVELY.

That will be a Brockwell Blue then

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We are well into the summer season. It is ACE to see so many kids now coming along to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor swim.

The water was choppy and fast flowing. Seventeen degrees meant that we have entered the one hat only swimming season.

I put in twenty lengths. I wanted to remain in the water all day, but was swimming on empty.

I has a little time to spare. I walked up towards the Walled Garden for the annual photo shoot.

OD-ing on pollen at Brockwell Park Walled Garden. ACE

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I was about two weeks or so a little early. Most of the flowers are yet to hit peak blossom.

I lingered around for half an hour or so and almost OD-ed on the powerful aroma of pollen.

The rest of the morning was spent back at Herne Hill Velo.

And so which old fool is about to return to track racing once again? Oh dear. Chapeau! #hernehillvelodrome

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Having retired as a track racer [ha!] back in 2010, I am once again keen to compete.

I say ‘compete’ – I mean spin round and round with the other oldies on a Saturday luncheon.

The Intermediate session is way too pacy for me. I even struggled with this back in the day.

And so I put a reccie in to see what the Skills session was like.

This was the first time that I have seen the new Pavilion. The old Herne Hill had plenty of character. It was limited though in what it could offer as a serious track venue.

The new set up is a credit to the cycling community that has held out for so long at Herne Hill.

I had a decent chat with some of the Velo Club Londre fellas. They reassured me that all would be fine to return to the track with the other oldies.

I need to book in for a refresher course first.


I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell for a Saturday that was then subsumed by sorting out the flat.

The bathroom fitting boys have had the run of the flat for the past three weeks. Now it was time for the great tidy up.

I headed outside as well to tackle the hedge [that technically isn’t our hedge.]

As ever – Chainsaws: F-YEAH.

Still LOVE the South Lambeth Road lavender garden. Best thing we did was to move back to the flat #Stockwell #SW8

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The South Lambeth Road lavender garden is about to hit peak bloom. The place was swarming with bees, even on an overcast day.

The final task was for a window clean. I opened up the front sash window and LOOKEY LOOKEY here: it’s only a POW WOW of the local Lib Dems entering the flat next door.

Yer man George Turner was carrying his big yellow Lib Dem thing.

I carried on cleaning the windows.

A little FaceTime with Anna followed.

And then another evening spent editing and publishing school content.

I’m hopefully off to Lord’s in the morning.


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