Cloud watching early for Friday morning.

I went to bed expecting a Brixton Rec swim first thing. I woke up and the lovely lido was back on the agenda.

Friday morning felt good.

The rain finally stopped around 7am, and so I cycled off to Lake Brockwell.

I have been away for a whole month – a consequence of work patterns and the new bathroom being fitted in the flat.

The lovely lido has also seen some internal plumbing taking place. The wet side changing rooms have been closed for what seems like almost six months now.

My return on Friday morning coincided with the re-opening of the wet side area.

Not a lot had changed…

That’s harsh.

It’s all about the damp. I’m not sure how long this will be kept at bay. The bodge job spin dryer is still feeding the water back out on to the changing room floor.

The Sunny Stockwell bathroom looks spectacular by comparison.

The new lido arrangements were met with a bit of a meh by some.

@oneeyegrey continued with his showering and changing outdoors.

@oneeyegrey has been showering and changing outdoors for almost two decades now.

The swim itself was SUPERB.

Friday #lidolove

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It got off to the best possible start with a freshly inked up @mutley69 doing the morning meet ‘n’ greet thing.

Can you tell what it is yet?


The pool looked clean. The layer of leaves lining the basin have been cleaned up by the bonkers underwater hoover.

The lido looks all set for the summer season.

I managed an energetic twelves lengths. I observed the usual crazy lido activities taking place all around me.

One fella was swimming with flippers, but leaving his arms stretched out in front of him. The head rotated above water for some air every ten metres or so.

Another lido chap was doing a little more than treading water. He was running in the pool, but not getting anywhere.

You won’t find similar scenes back at Brixton Rec.

I showered in the new / old showers, moaned about the lack of drainage for the spin dryer and then disappeared down the road for a school day in SW9.

Exam season is upon us.


It didn’t get in the way of some ska learning in a Y7 music lesson.

“But Bob Marley MUST be alive!”

…pleaded Boy Y.

I let him down gently, before an uplifting rendition of Three Little Birds.

I cycled back over the borough border to Southwark at chucking out time. I had a meet up with Bob, he of Bob’s Bikes, SE17.

My shopper bicycle was in need of some TLC; it was in need of some air.

And then back over once again, and back to base in Sunny Stockwell.

I had to sign off on the new bathroom installation.

New Sunny #Stockwell bathroom ahoy!

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It looks rather LOVELY.

I won’t pass any aesthetic comment on the rather large LibDem poster that has appeared next door.

‪Well this is awkward #Stockwell #SW8 ‬

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It turns out that next door is some form of LD HQ in Vauxhall for the next few weeks.

Oh Lordy.

An evening of school work filled up the rest of Friday evening.

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