OH HAI Mr Frog at 6:15am on Thursday morning.

I was tucking into the Bran Flakes, as Dotty was trying to tuck into Mr Frog.

It is quite heartbreaking. I see no solution apart from grounding her.

That ‘aint gonna happen.

I went into the utility room to find some Tupperware to rescue Mr Frog – oh the dignity.

Not so dignified was another Mr Frog that is no more lying flat out on the floor.

Naughty, naughty Dotty.

I had no time for grieving. I needed to escape back home to South London.

An enjoyable train journey with Mr Mayor passed the time of day.

Well I never – I didn’t know that…

And then a cycle down to SE17 and a school day in the old Mothership.

It has been hit and miss of late – mainly down to my own confidence levels. I know what I am doing inside out; I know that I can complete this work to an outstanding level.

But I struggle sometimes with all the social etiquettes that are required.

Not so today though. Everyone in the school seemed focussed and happy to help.

Even Boy Y did his best to give me a boost:

“You look like Bruno Mars.”

I have no idea.

The late Transpontine rain was unexpected.

I thought that was suppose to take place tomorrow.

I delayed my departure, waiting for the skies to heal.

It never happened.

And so I walked it from SE17, around the back streets of Walworth and through Kennington back to the flat.

Awaiting for me was a MASSIVE OCD meltdown.

Oh dear.

The new bathroom was scheduled to be completed yesterday.

This of course didn’t happen.

I tired to be as polite as I could to the two chaps who have turned my flat into a building site. I just wanted to put my toothbrush back in the exact spot where it belongs.

Anna joined me later in the evening, on a flying visit back to the Estuary Wilds.

We did the Lidl thing.

And then fell out over why my flat is not up to my precision OCD standards.

Apparently the job will be finished tomorrow.

I locked myself away and watched the Leader’s Debate.


That will cheer you up, Jase.

Will it ever stop bloody raining?

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