An exceptional Estuary Wilds downpour to start Wednesday morning.

Anna disappeared to S Ldn; I abandoned any plans for an early swim.

Dotty delivered once again with Mr Frog.

Swim / Mr Frog / West Ham Wanker / DARTS / booze – these blog posts pretty much write themselves these days.

I pressed on with the work schedule.

Notes & Queries with @RobertElms led to the [plural] London Elvi.

They are an odd and ACE pairing.

A little digging later, and a few more details were delivered via some very helpful listeners.

I’ve not seen the Elvi in over a decade now. They are still strutting their stuff at a festival near you.

The rain disappeared and Dotty brought another frog in.

I gave Mr Frog his latest five minutes of freedom, and then cycled off to the pool.

It was an uneventful power swim. Thirty lengths, and then another work shift starting pronto.

The sticky thing down the side of the house collapsed in my absence. I blame the weight in bloody snails that it attracts.

I had a manic anarchic gardening session, hacking away and trying to make it look half decent once again.

Surrey qualified for the Royal Ldn quarters.

I do LOVE a decent default win by rain.

Ta for coming, etc.

I somehow found the enthusiasm early evening to head off to Sunny Colch for the Mercury Theatre #ge2017 hustings.

Any enthusiasm has long since been lost with the appearance of four white middle aged men on the ballot paper.

What a time to be alive.

I tweeted my arse off for @ColchChronic.

I couldn’t stay around for any social catching up. I’m heading back home to S Ldn early in the morning.


Madam Dotty. Such a lady

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