Another early swim to start off Tuesday.

My schedule was out of sync, but I was still smiling.

Anna’s Tuesday Transpontine routine had been disrupted. She remained in the Estuary Wilds today.

Lucky Anna, ha bloody ha.

My own 7am Tuesday shift had been shunted to 9am. Hence the swim.

I wasn’t able to avoid West Ham Wanker. He was blow drying his hair at 7:30am.

West Ham Wanker has about as much ‘hair’ as I have.

Funny fella.

The rest of Tuesday was taken up with stop / start work shifts, and FROGS.

Dotty is doing what I use to do down by the banks of the Trent in the Fair City back in the day.

I hooked the same half a dozen little tiddler gudgeons, threw them back in the Trent, and then did it all over again.

Dotty keeps on bringing the same half dozen frogs into the house for us to inspect.

Well done, luv.

Work was manic.

Online tools are ACE when they work. A slight settings malfunction and content came flooding in.

I escaped to the Coop at 10am to panic buy some BOOZE.

Anna had warned that the three bottles of Porter for a fiver was coming to a close. The shelves were running dry.


I strolled up prepared for the post-nuclear scenario of storing up all that I could carry.

The shelves had been replenished overnight.

ah, I see.

It seems that the running dry of the shelves is Anna and I emptying them each day. Each morning and the Magic BOOZE Fairy lets it all flow.

Top fella.

*disclaimer: I am teetotal at the moment.*

A little more work, and then out went the cry of:

“To the Farm Shop!”

It’s a bloody country thing, Comrades.

There’s not a lot in rural authenticity in coming out with a dozen frozen croissants, mind.

Gilles Peterson kept the fingers tap, tap, tapping away for the afternoon work shifts.

Yer man dropped a DIRTY house working of Let’s Go Crazy.


I made a little more progress on the South Lambeth Road freehold business. It’s only taken us the best part of 17 years to get to about where we want to be.

Late afternoon and windows were cleaned, lawns were watered.

It’s going to piss it down tonight Jase, you knob.

Thingies #thingies

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Anna talked me into her Wifey Wiv Waddle 5k run.

I rather enjoyed it.

This was the first time in two decades that I haven’t been a solitary runner. Conversation was limited, much like the pace.

Oh dear

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Arsenal bored the arse off me.

Weller on Later was a little better.

Big old day for the ‘rrey tomorrow.


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