Frogs dominated Monday.

It started with a peaceful breakfast session, having seen Anna off early on the 7:06 back to South London.

Daisy and Dotty were both asleep next to me whilst I tucked into the Bran Flakes.

Dotty then got up and found Mr Frog underneath the kitchen table.

Gawd knows how long Mr Frog had been in the house. I suspect it might have been overnight 🙁

I disappeared in the Estuary Wilds drizzle, cycling along the Trail for a swim.

West Ham Wanker tapped me up in the showers.

He wanted £10 sponsorship money. He is taking part in a “plastic cup 5k race.”

I have no idea.

I pledged the money, and made sure that I did this with a towel wrapped around my meat and two veg.

I have some dignity.

Monday was then all about the work shifts.

@RobertElms payed Lovecats.

I sang along to Daisy and Dotty.

Work finally came to a close. I watched Chelsea Vs Watford with a little interest.

A distressing SQUEAK in the second half signalled that Mr Frog was back in the house, and back in Dotty’s mouth.

I hope @RobertElms doesn’t play Lovecats once again in the morning.

Anna returned from Sunny Stockwell late in the evening. She took Mr Frog out on a very long walk.

Naughty Dotty.

They're a right pair

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