Rain Stop Ride on Sunday morning.


I had done all my preparation ahead of the CTC Club Run. The Tourer was ready, lycra was looking sharp and I had bought some cheapo reduced rolls the night before.

And then shortly before roll out, the Estuary Wilds skies darkened and the roads became wet.

That’s me done.

I did consider buggering off back home to South London to catch Surrey in the Royal London. But bloody replacement buses soon put an end to that plan.

And so another trip to the gym instead.

I can spend the best part of three hours doing the weights, a swim and then falling asleep in the spa.

Sunday was no different.

I almost came a cropper on the treadmill. I’ve only realised that I can watch TV on the running stations.

I loaded up Palace Vs Hull as I pounded the rubber.

It wasn’t the most inspiring match, but it did mean that I missed my usual time point where I pick up the pace.

I tried to adjust the speed. My iPod crashed to the floor and bounced off the treadmill.


I’ll stick to inner meditation when I’m running next time.

Anna joined me in the pool, and then the spa.

She didn’t talk to me for five minutes or so in the steam room. She later confessed that she thought I was The Undertaker.

The Undertaker is about 65+.

Cheers, luv.

Various household crap had to be sorted back at base.

But Surry have started streaming ball-by-ball on the club youtube channel.

We wet up a nifty little system, streaming The Oval action to the TV via Chromecast. I then got the BBC London commentary synced up as well.

It was like being back on the piss in the Peter May Sun Terrace.

Except we were stuck in the Estuary Wilds and sipping tea.

Hey hoe.

I consoled myself by planning my summer schedule to make sure that I am back in South London for the rest of the season.

Daisy and Dotty were outside pretty much all day.

I joined them early evening for a bit of anarchic gardening.

Anna dug a hole to plant a courgette plant that has been prospering rather well in the bedroom.

Daisy wasted no time and did a dump in it.

I found My Nu Fave Podcast with Mikypedia with @boydie71 slotting in where Daniel Cruz Tizon left off.

I tried to convince Anna that the garden shed is in serious danger of falling over.

She couldn’t quite see it.

She was still referring to me as The Undertaker.

But yep – it’s taking on the appearance of the leaning tower of Pisa. I fear that it won’t be as resilient.

In eBay Retro Cycling Tights News: I blagged another pair.


We watched the Giro D’Italia highlights.

I do LOVE a Grand Tour.

And then a bit of NBA play-off action to end the weekend.

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