A reappearance of Mr Frog at 6am.

Cheers, Dotty.

I can live with the frog visits back and forth from the pond down the road. Daisy and Dotty don’t damage Mr Frog. I would feel different if they brought in dead birds.


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The nature shit theme continued with the cycle along the Trail towards Park Run. The path was heavy with hares.

Here, hare, here, etc.

I made it to the Bandstand well ahead of time for the 9am Park Run start. Some Jovo’s were out thrusting their crap into the hands of runners, keen to make conversation.

The flaw in their mass conversion plans is that runners run.

Everyone legged it as soon as they saw the squeaky clean Saturday morning suits.

#Colchester Park Run, innit

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I felt that I shot my load at Park Run. Usually I turn up with about a minute to spare ahead of the starting gun (there’s not really a starting gun…)

I had ten minutes or so to spare.

It was decent catching up with @nickjbarlow. But any enthusiasm for the run had long since been lost.

I was boxed in at the start. I then had a lace incident with my trainers.

The final race time of 22’07” was half decent, given the circumstances.

Oh dear

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We had a little business in town. The freehold situation back at South Lambeth Road is dragging.

I have been tasked with sourcing a business bank account that can be set up – with one of the Directors AWOL in Spain.

Metro Bank was bloody brilliant.

We cycled on to the gym. I did the GRUNTS, and then put the lengths in. This was all finished off with the expected snooze in the spa.

Man City Vs L******er kept us entertained over luncheon.

And then out went the shout of:

“To Hamford Water!”

Where the f*** is Hamford Water?

Oh dear

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We cycled out east, towards Walton-on-the-Naze, and then a sharp left.

I had heard mythical tales of Essex marshland and tranquility.

It was a bit of a dump to be honest.

Welcome to #Essex

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We kept on cycling to Walton. The tide was starting to turn. Tea and cake in our FAVE cliff top cafe was on the cards.

Except it was closed.


We did a bit of walking along the pier. I tried to persuade Anna to cycle back. She wanted the train to take the strain instead.

Oh Walton I love you. Yeah.

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We made it back in time for the Stoke Vs Arsenal match.

Saturday evening then spent catching up with Giro d’Italia, and a little BOOZE.

I’m hopefully back in the saddle in the morning.

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